How to pass Date field from Salesforce Lightning Component to Apex Controller?

We can’t directly pass the Date field value from Lightning Component to its Apex Controller. What we need is to:

  1. Capture the value of Date in a String variable in Apex function’s parameter.
  2. Convert that String value to Date value.
  3. Use the Date value where we want to.

Example :


    <ui:inputDate displayDatePicker="true" aura_id="expDate" format="MM-DD-YYYY"/>


    createExpDate: function(component, event,helper) {
        var expirationDate = component.find("expDate").get("v.value");
        var action = component.get("c.createExpDate");
        action.setParams({ expDate : expirationDate });
        // callback and enqueue action


public class DateUsageController {
    public static void createExpDate(String expDate) {
        Date expirationDate = Date.valueOf(expDate);
        // Now we can use expirationDate

I hope this solution works for you to pass the Date field from Salesforce Lightning Component to Apex Controller.