First Step to as a Salesforce Developer

So the things would get exciting now. I’ll first accomplish the Customization part and then gradually move on to the Programming aspect. You have an Idea about the devil now so let’s command and be a master to the beast. First you have to create a developer account on Salesforce. To create a developer account you can visit the Sign Up page. When filling the page try being a little careful while putting the Username and try to avoid using your email address here. An then on validating and creating a password you would get your home screen. There is a lots to study in the customization itself. There are several types of editions that Salesforce provides which can be viewed on Edition Page. These Editions provide various capabilities that would be present in their CRM. We can create various applications on the platform like ones to manage the Contents at different levels. They compromise for file Sharing, Versifying and Content Management System.Transactions: Like Banking system, some payment system.Processes: Leave management System, or a process that requires approval.Data: These types of applications should have an excellent Database and applications like CRM etc can be built.

Salesforce Home Page

A few of the Components

Before we start Implement we need to know what we would be doing so. A small application that we could create would be a student management system. In this System we have a multiple schools under the same name. and each have their very own Principal, teachers. and the evaluation of students is performed and the score is tracked. The teachers can store the educational articles on the web and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The teachers should not be allowed to create students only the Principal can approve if a student can be a part of school and as to which class he will belong to if approved. So it would be everything that is required to run a school’s educational system. The basic unit on which Salesforce applications function is called a sObject or a Object. A sObject is a table that we create to save various data.