Easily Migrate to Lightning Knowledge from Classic Knowledge with This Strategy Guide

Your support reps can spend hours just juggling interfaces if your Service Cloud is in Lightning but Knowledge continues to be in Classic. This switching back and forth reduces the average case resolution rate and adds to burn out.

Migrating Knowledge to Lightning will not only make life easier for your support reps, but result in a much faster average case resolution time. With careful planning, the change can be easy and quick.

To help you get started with planning right away, we have recently published a strategy guide. Written by professionals with hands-on experience in Salesforce Knowledge migration, the strategy guide is for companies still sitting on the fence. You can grab your free copy of Migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge right now.

After downloading and reading it, you will learn:

  1. The Biggest Challenge of Knowledge Migration: The Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool (LKMT) is not ready.Salesforce does not support the LKMT and “has no liability for any harm or damage arising out of or in connection with it.”

    Unless you are prepared to risk your job, your company’s reputation, and your customers’ data, you just cannot use it.

  2. The Secret of Rapid MigrationKnow thy instance.It helps to know:
    • The size of your organization
    • How long you have been using Classic Knowledge
    • How many customizations you made

    Your objective: Do you just want to migrate, or do you want to use this opportunity to streamline your business process?

    Grazitti has finished some migrations in fewer than 200 hours, while others lingered on for several months.

    • For an estimate of how long your migration job will take, come to Dreamforce ‘18 and stop by booth 1740 to discuss the objectives and challenges of migration with Atul Sharma, Nipun Garg, and Tushar Misri—Grazitti’s star Salesforce experts. The Lightning migration assessment will be on us.
  3. A Proven Migration Process with the instance details and objective jotted down, you can adopt Grazitti’s 3-step Salesforce Knowledge migration process.
    • Finding out how Knowledge is different in Classic and Lightning Experience
    • Ensuring any of Lightning Knowledge’s limitations aren’t crucial for your organization
    • Adopting a proven migration method.