Revolutionizing Sales Productivity With Salesforce Lightning Voice With Just Click To Call!

Salesforce has come up with this whole new concept of lighting voice to support the customers anywhere in the world. It is something “out of the box strategy” is basically a substitute for the traditional salesman-customer interactions. Today, we are going to discuss the below-mentioned points in detail to clear up the concept better. Keep reading:

  1. How Salesforce lightening voice is different?
  2. Everything is just a click away.
  3. The major advantages.

Let us elaborate the points in detail:

1. How Salesforce Lightning Voice is Different?

Maintaining a healthy relationship with the client is not as easy. Traditional methods used to take much time that required manual efforts. Also, there was a problem of ineffective communication because of the several barriers between them. The other conventional methods of communication are:

  • Inefficient
  • Time-consuming
  • Difficult to log
  • Complex

These all complications are replaced by the newly launched lighting voice. It stands out with its simplicity. Salesman no longer needs any configurations to communicate with their prospects. Salesforce binds up all the interactions into one platform. To reach out the expectation of each customer, the incoming and outgoing calls are inside the Sales Cloud.

It is an interesting innovation by Salesforce that led to the efficiency of salesmen-customer communication. Also, to enable us to make calls and receive calls, there are various call options incorporated into the Lightning Sales Cloud.

2. Everything a click away:

All the functioning is just a click away! You can call any of the customers by just clicking their phone number within the Salesforce. Also, whenever you add a new customer, you instantly get the notification over there in your device. There is an option embed there through which you can see every detail of the customer while contacting them. Furthermore, you can switch to the next call without exiting the interface.

3. The major advantages:

As we know, Lightning Voice is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform which enables the calls to be automatically logged on to contact record, we no longer need to log the call histories like conventional communication technologies. Other included advantages are as follows:

  • Deal with Smarter conversations: Communication has got its new edge with lightning voice. You can answer the calls easily with Salesforce cloud and also you can view the prospects valuable data along with their Sales history.
  • Automatically Log Calls: Gone are the days when you were bound to write down the details of a call. Now, it will be automatically done after each call. Amazing isn’t it?
  • Sales People to localize the number to match the Contact’s region: You can choose any local number of your choice and can contact within Salesforce when the call comes in.
  • Take the Notes: You can instantly make down the notes during a call. Not only this but also, the notes will get stored automatically as soon as we move on to the next call.
  • Reduce Data Entry & thus increases productivity: Speed, reduced data entry and multitasking feature are the three things that led to improved productivity.
  • Time-Saving: It saves time as well as manual efforts.

Time to sum up:

What are your thoughts on this newly generated strategy by Salesforce? I am sure this piece of the blog will benefit you in many ways and you can utilize the power of lightning voice for increasing sales productivity, that too with just a click to call.