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Vaccine Management System: In this crucial period, we all await one single news. News about the COVID-19 vaccine. But the waiting time seems over. CNBC reports say that the trial vaccines have shown 94.5% of efficiency in combating this virus. Furthermore, it also says vaccine distribution will start from December onwards. The citizens all over the world let out a sigh of relief to this report. But one problem still needs to be dealt with. How will the vaccine reach 7.8 billion people properly?

CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield says that they are yet to find a way to distribute and manage these vaccines properly.

Vaccines are delicate products. Improper storage conditions can make them useless for further use. But there is a solution! The WHO has decided to use computerized vaccine management software to make things go right! So, scroll down to learn more about this system.

Vaccine Management System
The WHO has come up with an EVM (Effective Vaccine Management) initiative. EVM focuses on providing qualitative vaccines in the lowest possible time. The prime objectives of this initiative include:

1. Providing immunization supply chains for every country
2. Ensure vaccines quality, and
3. Increased supply chain efficiency for proper distribution
4. Vaccine management software help in the above processes. It is an AI based system which streamlines the flow of vaccine management. It helps in improving vaccine tracking, inventory management, and managing the vaccines. Moreover, it also identifies the vaccinated patients and follows up on their conditions.

Users of Vaccine Management Software
Thereby, we can state that vaccine management software are extremely important for administering vaccines for a large population. Moreover, this system helps local and state level health officials grandly.

Users of Vaccine Management System
This system provides real-time vaccine administration data access and analysis. Thereby, it helps in making better decisions. Furthermore, it also provides campaign support and distribution efforts. So, let’s take a look what other facilities it provides:

Health Care Providers
Health care providers play a massive role in delivering vaccines to the people. Thereby, the final destination of every vaccine are health care centers.

But apart from providing people with vaccines, health care centers need to manage other things as well. Scheduling appointments, creating proper reports, managing inventories and a lot more. Vaccine management systems allow these centers to automate some processes like:

Mass vaccination program enrollment
Vaccination appointment management
Appointment scheduling
Vaccine administration tracking and reporting to higher health organizations and
Inventory management
Vaccine Receivers

On the other hand, with this intelligent system receivers can:

1. Register on the vaccination site using health apps. Registration involves a pre-screening process too!
2. Fill up pre-appointment questionnaires to speed-up the process
3. Schedule appointments on the app itself. They will receive a QR code which will be used at the facility to confirm their appointments.
4. Prevent overlapping of appointments. Appointment apps look into a user’s existing appointment schedule to do so.
5. Receive appointment and follow-up reminders via SMS or emails
6. View and collect immunization certificate via online apps to provide at their schools or workplaces
7. Can revert back via the app if they experience any side-effects of the vaccine

Public and State Level Health Organizations
Public health organizations monitor vaccine management activities. Vaccine management procedures can be tracked with this system. This system allows these organizations to analyze and support lower health centers with vaccine related problems. Furthermore, it also allows them to keep an eye on the vaccine stock.

Vaccine Management Solutions
The main goal of this system is to provide solutions for efficient vaccine management. But it also ensures that some of the procedures are automated. So, let’s check out these solutions that can assist our brave health workers.

Vaccine Management Solutions
Public Communication Campaign Management
Creating awareness lies on the top of the vaccine management list. Providing valuable information about the vaccine will encourage people to trust and use it. So, this system comes up with robust marketing and campaign strategies. For campaigns it uses an individual data-driven approach to create significant awareness.

Contact Management
The rush is unbearable. And with this rush comes abundant calls and messages. Most of the time people raise queries which are general and frequently asked. So, this solution helps to filter these questions. Furthermore, virtual assistants answer these FAQs. Moreover, implementation of automated mails and SMSs helps in many ways. Some of them include community engagement, health surveys and eligibility screening.

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Vaccine Administration and Tracking Platform
To make sure the vaccine worked out properly, authorities need to track a patient’s vaccination procedure. This procedure involves recording data from the patient’s appointment to the final outcome. Hence, this solution helps to monitor and record the above details automatically. Furthermore, it stores the data in the system for future usage.

Supply Chain Management
Making sure that the stocks are full while managing other works is difficult. So, with this system health care officers can relax a bit. This system provides solutions for:

Stock checking
Ordering of supplies
Account management
Demand prediction
Analytics and Reporting Facilities
Analytics and Reporting Facilities

In the field of vaccine management, a lot of plans are made. For proper distribution, officers need to rely upon data. Since distribution procedure includes research and pre-planning. Vaccine management software eases this procedure. It uses applied AI to do so. Some of the solutions it provides for research and pre-planning are:

Locating high-priority population
Supply allocation
Population engagement monitoring
Dosage regimen commitment
Circulation logistics scrutiny
Safety pattern analysis
Organizational Support
Organizational Support
Consulting supports can lead to successful vaccination and increase in recovery rates. So, this system assists medical officers with CDC recommended internal planning.

Benefits of using a Vaccine Management Software
Why would people use a system which does not benefit them? Well this system comes with a whole lot of benefits. Some of them include:

1. Reduces manual work: This system is fully automated. That is, it does not need human hands to conduct data-driven processes. Data related to administration and shipments are stored in the system automatically.
2. Cold chain management: A vaccine’s potency can be damaged due to a slight change in temperature. According to WHO, vaccines should be kept between 2‐8 degree Celsius. So, this system when combined with a temperature monitoring system allows remote temperature analysis functions. It monitors the temperature of the freezers. If the temperature shows a change then the authorities get an alert instantly.
3. Smooth inventory management: This system records every single detail about vaccine stocks. That includes shipments, vaccines used, and stocks that are still left. So, it helps authorities in better vaccine supervision.
4. Stores patient records automatically: This system records previous data. This includes information about prior vaccines, patients, their demographics, their check-up reports and other information. Furthermore, the system updates the data in real-time.
5. Appointment scheduling: Setting and tracking appointments can be a tricky process. But now staff can maintain that automatically. Since this system checks other schedules and creates an appointment accordingly. Furthermore, if a patient is due on his/her vaccine, then the system automatically appoints a medical staff to look into the matter.

Vaccine management software is going to be the new normal. Since, with all the efficiency it provides it will be adapted with a lightning speed! Furthermore, it will help in increasing the recovery rates, making an automated effort to do the society some exceptional good.

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