Multi-Factor Authentication


MFA means Multi-Factor Authentication, now a days security is a big concern for everyone and to achieve it one way authentication is not enough. So as an administrator, in particular, you make an almost negligible difference between ensuring that your Salesforce organization is secure and that your clients can sign in rapidly and without any problem. The best method to secure your org and its information is to expect that clients give something other than their username and secret key and this is called MFA for short. 

We are already familiar with the 2FA that is two-factor authentication, but for the purposes of proper security and data integrity MFA is introduced. MFA seems like a numerical condition, but it’s not like a math’s problem which makes you nervous, its main task is to ensure that that your clients are who they say they are. Now a days the greatest challenge is to secure the data to go to wrong hand and MFA helps us to achieve that. 

There are various ways to assure that the client is valid like sorts of proof that clients give while signing in to affirm their character. 

  • One and most important element is Username, because in Salesforce username is always unique. Sometime it is a username and secret key blend. 
  • Well MFA provides multiple other ways to verify the integrity of the User, like a cell phone with an authenticator application introduced or an actual security key. This helps a lot to ensure the real User. 

We can take a best example of it like using ATM, as each time we get cash from the ATM, we have to use something we have (your bank card) in addition to something you know (your PIN). Like this only MFA works, we should have both the things to get login that is a device and the required information’s, and that’s make it the most secure way to verify a User. It is as if someone already knows the username and secret phrase but they should have that physical key also to get login and it adds an additional and significant layer of safety for your organization.  

How MFA Works? 

Well, its main task is to add an extra step to our Salesforce login process. 

  1. First step, a user has to enter their username and password. 
  1. After that the user is asked to provide one of the verification methods that Salesforce supports which they have selected. After the successful verification the User can Login successfully.  

Where and when to use MFA? 

Well, as it was said earlier that MFA required you to enter a specific variable generated by those authenticators each time you login, so it is important to understand when to use it. 

  • We can use MFA for UI logins, as it requires extra security. 
  • Even MFA can be used for API login or for both.  

Sometime for extra security MFA can be used as: – 

  • Whenever clients access an associated application, dashboard, or report. This interaction is known as move forward or high-confirmation validation. 
  • During a custom login stream or inside a custom application, for instance, prior to perusing a permit arrangement. More on this theme later in the path.