How to Boost a 21st Century Mobile Workforce for Non-profits

How do mobile technologies affect non-profit organizations? Do they affect them at all?

Let’s find out!

Imagine, one day, your non-profit will change the world and loyal donors and stakeholders will be on your side.

So, you run or are a part of the not-for-profit or non-governmental organization. We bet that in your shelter or a community trust, you likely have guys on your team that could greatly benefit from a mobile CRM to help document and have better organization of your processes. How do we know that?

Well, suppose your co-worker Peter, actively travels every now and then to meet donors and various stakeholders. Before each meeting, he needs to go through the organization’s previous interactions with a potential donor. However, as specific as non-profits are, it is quite likely that Peter might have difficulties to find and access the donor information all at once. Instead, it is spread across 6 various notepads, 3 applications, and 5 online tools.

Now, can you imagine how long would it usually take to get all prepared for such a simple visit? The organization would need several days just to gather data, compile records and put everything in order and in one place. Having real-time access to all the donor or stakeholder information on the go, a non-profit becomes more efficient.

Mobile CRM is kind of a road warrior that helps you do more good in less time – especially regarding non-profits. Plus, it truly toughens the connections between volunteers, donors, stakeholders, and trusted supporters.

Now, imagine, once you close a huge fundraising deal out in the desert, in space, underwater, or anywhere.

Because, why not? Why not reach out to those who can help in places other than skyscraper offices? You can easily tackle the greatest challenge of your non-profit, called “limited resources” at a place that is not that tech-friendly. As long, as you, or your colleague Peter is equipped with a Mobile CRM, you are safe & sound. Resco Mobile app installed on any (iOS, Android, Windows) phone or tablet, lets you engage with potential donors and helpers even when completely disconnected from Internet.

Just picture how much sense would it make to have constituent information about your donation, details about your volunteers, service recipients, board members and partners always on you, and always on hand? Wouldn’t it be nice to work (create, manage, edit, delete…) with data, such volunteer hours, custom fields and notes or records of any communication with anyone involved? In addition, you could have it in any form (document, picture, audio, video file) whenever you feel like it without boundaries.

So, in a nutshell, what is Resco Mobile CRM for Non-profits?

Resco Mobile CRM for non-profits is an all-in-one offline-ready solution that helps anyone involved in non-profit activities or organizations. Fully integrated with Salesforce, it unifies interactions between volunteers, donors, service recipients, and others, and boost overall operational efficiency of a nonprofit organization.

Simply said, Mobile CRM can save you time, enhance a workflow of a nonprofit and focus on what’s the most important – your case.

Now, it’s time to get your message out there and cultivate deeper, lasting relationships.

By utilizing Offline Mobility. So how to grow your relationships?

  1. Fundraising: analyze your pipeline in the field, integrate email campaigns
  2. Event Management: use drag & drop calendar, track your meetings, create charts of your preference, generate offline reports for your team
  3. Volunteer Management: create tasks, schedule shifts, track volunteer actions
  4. Donor Management: 360-degree review of all donors, the whole history, analyze their activity, call, email them directly from the app

And, for the million-dollar question, why to choose Resco Mobile CRM solutions for Salesforce?

At Resco, we understand how difficult it must be to keep sustainability of a non-profit. Whether, it is a community protecting rain forest or human rights, we feel like we can help. Mobility can help. We are committed to non-profits that utilize Resco Mobile CRM for better cause. As cheesy as it may sound, we are happy that there are tens of organizations = our customers, who can advance their mission, partly thanks to Resco’s mobile CRM solutions for Salesforce.

Non-profits of all kinds advancing their mission with Resco’s Offline Mobility

Among Resco’s 2,000 customers, there are dozens of those that are utilizing our solution’s licenses with a special discount for non-profits. Resco offers its mobile technologies to various non-profitable oriented organizations. Ranging from different chartered societies, social services to community trust. To name some of the most interesting ones, an organization that helps minimize increasing gambling problems, providers of quality housing for less fortunate and many more.

“By default”, non-profits get a special discount of Resco Mobile CRM solution for Salesforce. Feel free to review your package options at our website, try it for 30 days for free for yourself or contact Resco’s account manager team for handy tips at

Or don’t hesitate to get started on your own with Resco for Salesforce guide.