Drive your Customer Satisfaction 360 using Self Service Portal

After our first webinar’s success, we are back with the second webinar while entering this post-pandemic phase.

As our team was brainstorming ideas for a second webinar, it became abundantly clear what everyone was struggling with. We decided to address the pain points of challenges businesses are facing as the pandemic evolves, and cities lift shelter in place orders.

Currently, one of the major issues businesses face is catering to their customers effectively. Enterprises are trying various strategies to fulfill their customers’ needs, communicating with them, and helping them understand the roadblocks in the service. There is also a constant hunger to innovate and make everyone’s life easy.

We want to talk about this can be helped, so our second webinar will do just that. It is aptly titled: Drive your Customer Satisfaction 360 using Self Service Portal.

What you’ll learn:

– Significant issues with customer queries
– Importance of streamlining conversations
– Need for a help desk
– Increase employee productivity
– Ways self-service portals help

With an exclusive Q/A session!

A sneak peek into who the speakers are to pique your curiosity:

Our product manager Jay Jagani and business consultant Arnima Jain will walk you through how you can use a self-service portal and how it will help you address your customers’ needs.


Date: 28th October 2020
Time: 7:30 PM IST | 10 AM EDT