Customer Loyalty Is Crucial For Businesses Implementing CRM Solutions – Can your Customers Serve Them?

In the highly connected digital age today, customers are constantly on the lookout for instant solutions for their basic problems. These are spur-of-the-moment attempts of millennials and other such tech-savvy clients, who do not consider contacting a business provider repeatedly to get day to day issues resolved. This saves them from explaining the issues over and over on call, as well as helps save business-critical time.

Yet, as a customer relationship management service user, a business has go by the thumb rule of “online self-service”. Most businesses have begun to cling to this catchphrase so as to tag online self-service as a crucial medium of high convenience. It is no longer a strategic asset for business owners, who are looking more towards online reputation management, customer sentiment analysis and more goodwill today.

How to render self-service support to churn customer loyalty?

Fortunately, Salesforce helps you reimagine a customer portal. Through the implementation of Service Cloud Lightning and Service Cloud, customers will stay seamlessly connected to their app and product. They will also be able to access answers to their queries 24×7 from any part of the globe, without connecting with agents via long-drawn calls. The Salesforce powered Service Cloud is a model self-service community in this regard. Besides, it is also a very easy-to-use and economically fantastic option.

How will an online self-service portal win customer loyalty for business owners?

It basically renders a “One Brand, One Experience” according to CRM giant Salesforce. This is because it helps a customer create a community from scratch as well as leverage bespoke community templates within a community builder tool. This interface can help a business create a vivacious, as well as a fully branded community overnight! Besides, just one self-service portal is accessible from a single IP address (help by a mobile device, tablet, or computer).

Ready access to answers is another feature which resolves customer questions for the impatient lot! It also helps a business assist its customer in setting up communities throughout the web. On the other hand, a member gets to review knowledge articles alongside community posts which are topic relevant. This is also a good way to connect with peer experts as well as vote for the answers that are creme de la creme.

Such a customer engagement platform allows businesses to also reward member participation for it is always backed by Service Clouds that setup workflow rules. Moreover, agents are automatically notified so as to respond in a community impeccably.

Last but not the least, it saves time and reduces costs: Being a part of a customer community, one can render the clientele with resource supports, which frees up time business critical time of service agents. So the business house gets to concentrate better on core functions and other impactful issues. In the ends, time is saved and better results are achieved at lesser costs, which churn out more revenue and also guarantees happier agents!

This, in the end, boosts customer loyalty and repeat business.

Hence, by now it is clear that meeting customer needs is a critical component of any business. This is possible only through an online self-service platform powered by industry stalwart like Salesforce. Such a tool is tailored to meet client specific needs as well as helps resolve most issues via a robust platform. This gives room to the clients to start trusting a business as the optimum place for issue resolution.