CRP Analyst App on Salesforce AppExchange by GetOnCRM Solutions

We have successfully launched CRP (Cost, Revenue, Profit) analyst application on AppExchange.

GetOnCRM Solutions is proud to announce that we have successfully launched the CRP analyst app on the Salesforce AppExchange platform. AppExchange is the easiest and fastest way to extend Salesforce. With thousands of solutions install in just a few clicks, there is something for every business challenge. AppExchange app development helps to extend your software`s features to or implement similar features on multiple instances.

At, GetonCRM Solutions, the Salesforce App Development services provide ISVs a marketplace to reach more Salesforce customers. As a leading Salesforce AppExchange partners, our Salesforce AppExchange developers have helped businesses connect with their clients, customers, and employees in an entirely new way. Our developers also help to build new Salesforce AppExchange products and also migrate their existing products to Salesforce AppExchange.

Are you getting any trouble in calculate GPH (Gross Profit per Hour), GSA (General Service Administration) weekly lodging, GSA weekly M & I, GSA lodging which is based on account portal code, or start date and end date of pay package than CRP Analyst is very useful for agency or an industry who is hiring candidate and want to solve all the problems listed above.

CRP (Cost, Revenue, Profit) Analyst App

GetOnCRM Solutions developed the CRP Analyst app for Salesforce users who are facing challenges in calculating pay package with all the expenses. The app is readily available on Salesforce AppExchange to help companies save their time and increase efficiency. According to Mr Minkesh Patel, Founder of GetOnCRM Solutions, “The CRP Analyst App is really useful and practical app that has lowered the burden of calculating pay package for Salesforce users. Our aim is to provide the Salesforce user with more such applications that lend a helping hand makes tedious tasks easier.”

Let’s talk about the features of the CRP Analyst App:

  1. Ability to create template and add default expenses.
  2. Ability to copy expenses from template and do calculations according to assignment length and hours given in the record.
  3. Fetching realtime GSA data from GSA website.
  4. Calculating Gross profit per hour.
  5. Separating Company expense and read only expense
  6. Ability to change number and adjust expenses according to your budgetThe CRP Analyst app can improve your pay package solutions by solving a lot of problems related to the recruitment industry. Download our CRP Analyst Application now!