Compare Salesforce CPQ with Sales Cloud

Many companies, when approaching a Salesforce Consultancy, are unsure whether to customize the Sales Cloud to meet the needs of Quotation and Pricing, as well as contract generation, addendums, and renewals, instead of using the out-of-the-box tools provided by the Salesforce CPQ platform.


Feature Sales Cloud Salesforce CPQ
Purpose Sales Management Configure, Price, Quote Solution
Business Approach Technology-driven Business-driven
Customization Customization Possible Prioritizes Transformative Approach
Requirements Gathering Focuses on Sales Management Tasks Focuses on Gathering Requirements
Processes Mapping Supports Existing Sales Processes Maps Out Processes
User Groups Consideration Focuses on Sales Teams Considers Different User Groups
Complexity of Customization Can Lead to Increased Complexity Avoided to Prevent Complexity and Cost
Ideal Solution Mix of Out-of-the-box and Customized Features Out-of-the-box Solution
Priorities Sales Management Tasks Reevaluating Business Processes and Improvements
Value to Business Supports Sales Teams Increases Sales Productivity and Efficiencies
Standardization No Focus Crucial in Reducing Time to Value and Represents Best Practices
Out-of-the-box Functionality No Recommendation Recommended to Address Business Requirements Before Customization
Customization Impact on Project Can Impact Project Timelines and Increase Costs May Require Redesign of Business Processes
Considerations for Complex Customization No Special Considerations Discuss Edge-case Scenarios with Customer
Key to Successful Implementation Sales Management Tasks Business-driven Approach