Best Practices to Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud has all the requirements of a marketing department of a business such as data analysis, email, mobile, customer journey management, advertising, web personalization, social media, content management, and content creation.  It is your one-stop shop for all types of engagement in the marketing domain. To ensure its implementation in the best possible way, certain basic best practices must be implemented, which we have listed below for your convenience.

The Best Practices to Implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Deliverability: This measurable Key Performance Indicator metric is often a neglected one though a very important one. It is an instant measurement of the reach of the company’s outreach campaigns and so on. The higher the delivery %, the higher the performance of the campaign. It is therefore important to ensure that your contact list consists of clean data that is up to date and free from as many errors as possible. To this end, the company must devote adequate resources (time and manpower) to ensuring that only 100% accurate data remains on the contact list/details. Whether a company spends time on it daily or weekly, it is their choice and prerogative.
  • Personalizing emails: The messaging in this day and age needs to be personalized which indicates that the company has put deep thought into its marketing strategy and has a connection with the relevant demographics it is targeting.  Thus, is born the era of personalized messaging which attracts the attention of clients & prospects. This results in a higher % of opened emails and CTRs.
  • Mobile friendly: The 21st century has seen the pervasiveness of the mobile device like no other device has. It is now a part and part of our daily existence. Therefore, it is given that all messaging as part of the marketing outreach has to be mobile-friendly (for all types, models, and brands of the device). Since people are spending more time on the phone and reading on  – the – go, it is time to ensure your marketing cloud is truly responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Measure your success: Analyzing and reviewing marketing programs/campaigns after each campaign is integral to the overall success of the marketing cloud, your brand, and the hard work put in. It is therefore important that a review of all KPIs is undertaken. This will enable the company to review what has worked and what has not. Thus, best practices to ensure better success can be carried out to ensure that all goes as planned.

The above best practices must be adhered to while implementing the Salesforce marketing cloud. These ensure that the marketing cloud achieves what it has set out to.