Benefits of Salesforce for Non-Profits

The non-profit organization seems to benefit the most out of the Salesforce CRM application compared to other CRM solutions.

Non-profit Communities

There are numerous communities for non-profits that are maintaining better relationships with Salesforce. The Non-profit Starter Pack overlay is considered to be among the most popular and fastest-growing CRM solutions that are specially designed for non-profits. There is a huge community that is active and with whom the best practices can be shared and the queries will be answered instantly by those communities. Thus the nonprofits can get the most out of using Salesforce for nonprofits. Furthermore, there is also a community of independent consultants as well as developers who will help in assisting the requirements of the development team by leveraging on the Salesforce’s capabilities.

Reliable and Cost-effective

Organizations having multiple locations can significantly lower the costs associated with infrastructure using Salesforce for nonprofits. This makes Salesforce a hosted and reliable solution for non-profit organizations. Instead of investing to develop a separate in-house location for connecting with the team members, Salesforce non-profit CRM will help distributed team members to securely connect with each other user devices such as desktop, laptop, and mobile devices, etc.

Salesforce offers a powerful program to nonprofits at a price significantly lesser than other application costs available in the market. As far as 10 user licenses of the Enterprise Edition are provided for qualified non-profits with an option to avail additional licenses at a discounted price tag. Thus it provides nonprofits with a cost-effective option making it a suitable choice as the perfect CRM solutions provider.

Enhanced Reporting Engine

Unlike many other CRM solutions, Salesforce non-profit CRM provides a stronger reporting engine that is designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of non-profit organizations. The Salesforce CRM solutions ensure the effective availability of data wherever required as a means to support the most relevant decisions. The data availability is assured with the help of the presence of supporting tools such as formula fields, triggers, roll-up summary fields, and workflows, etc.

Salesforce as a platform

Salesforce non-profit CRM is both software as well as a platform capable of delivering sophisticated CRM that are tailored to meet the objectives of the non-profit organizations. Some of the key features of Salesforce CRM include the flexibility it offers and also it is extendible and customizable.

Most of the other CRM platforms that are available for non-profits provide only typically closed platforms which would take years to allow new features to be allowed in-house. Salesforce CRM is, however, an open platform that has been used for developing thousands of apps and thereby enhancing as well as making those apps available for the purpose of extending Salesforce’s native functionality which would be available through the Salesforce AppExchange.


These above-mentioned benefits make Salesforce CRM an ideal choice among non-profit organizations especially because of the user-friendly features and flexibility it provides for non-profit organizations. Thus Salesforce CRM has become an important aspect for non-profit organizations in providing cost-effective solutions for them.