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CloudQ is a Silver Partner with years of experience customizing solutions in the Salesforce Service Cloud.

To help understand what the Salesforce Service Cloud is all about, all you need to do is look at your current business and answer a few questions:

Is the thought of responding directly to customers across all social channels overwhelming? What about having someone on hand all the time to keep up with incoming leads?

Answers to these questions give you an idea of what Salesforce’s Service Cloud can do. Because it’s built on Salesforce Customer 360 platform, you get a complete view of your customer world at a glance. This helps your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and allows you to increase customer satisfaction by providing you the tools to do all of the above on one platform and on one screen. Better customer engagement means happier customers, and we all know happier customers mean more sales.

No more running to each channel to answer questions or reply to comments. With everything integrated, you can be a one-man marketing machine.

But then you’re faced with your managers and your teams. What can Salesforce Service Cloud do to help your team collaborate better? Aren’t phone calls enough?

No. Why settle for a phone ringing off the hook when your manager can guide your team member through the correct steps right from a computer or mobile device? Or that crucial missed call when a team member needs advice from a team lead and the customer is right there waiting for an answer? Never again. Seamless communication is also part of the functionality of the Service Cloud, and CloudQ, a Salesforce development company in USA, can help.

These functions work to and from any device, so even if your manager steps out for a moment, away from the phone or computer, they can catch that question in their hand on a mobile device and provide an instant answer.

Hot tip: This works for your customers, too!

That’s right, even your customers can contact your business through their mobile devices to get answers, help, or education. As a bonus, all the information needed to craft the correct response is at your team’s fingertips and all requests go to one place to be managed easily.

CloudQ is a leading Salesforce development company in USA, and we can provide your business with a consultation so you get the exact functionality your company needs without a bunch of noise to wade through.

Need a chat bot to solve that issue of having someone on hand all the time? We can help you implement that. Need triggers for specific workflows? Yep. We do that, too.

We’ve done it for other customers, as you can see here

Our Salesforce consultants are experts in their field, are well-versed in the Salesforce Service Cloud space, and we can quickly determine exactly the tools your company needs to be successful.

By streamlining your process with Salesforce Service Cloud, there will be no more messy spreadsheets to keep up with. All your customer information will be in one place and kept secure. If you need to take a customer from first contact to contract signing, it’s as easy as setting up a flow to guide your team through the process of setting a trigger to move something along. With intuitive dashboards, you’ll be able to see the origin and the pipeline at a glance.

CloudQ can help you set that up, too. Once you’ve connected with one of our Salesforce consultants, we’ll let you educate us on exactly what your business needs, connect you with the right tools on the Salesforce Service Cloud, and customize those solutions to fit your company’s unique requirements.

Sales, service, and marketing teams can collaborate seamlessly to get your message out, resolve issues, and land new clients. A faster process and better communication saves your business time and money. After all, those last two go hand in hand, right?

Building on that, why not give your customers the ability to find answers to questions they have without the need to contact anyone?

With the self-service option, customers can head to a portal, that’s branded for your company, where they can do just that—from anywhere. On the self-service community board, customers can ask questions of one another and get answers as well as read knowledge articles. It’s so secure, even applications for credit cards can happen on the spot, with no need for an agent to be available.

Remember that bit about time and money? Yeah, so do we.

CloudQ has Salesforce consultants in USA and India. So, no matter where you are, and no matter the time of day, there’s someone available to have a chat with you about your Salesforce Service Cloud needs.

We have competitive pricing, and we feel that helps us rise above others. We’ll watch your bottom line with the same hawk-like attention you do. Customized Salesforce solutions shouldn’t break the bank, and every business, whether they’re just starting out or have been at it for a while, should have the ability to provide the best customer service possible with the least amount of effort.

Your business deserves the best, and as a leading Salesforce development company in USA, CloudQ can help you get there.

Why break the bank with more expensive options that give you the same results?

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