Advantages of Tableau for Data Visualization

Advantages of Tableau for Data Visualization

Tableau is the swiftest-growing data visualization tool that helps you convert textual and numerical information to beautiful through interactive dashboards. It is the best way to change or transform the raw data into easily understandable data. Tableau is so popular, interactive, simple, fast, and user-friendly and has a huge fan base in the public and enterprise world. The great thing about Tableau is that it doesn’t need any technical or any kind of programming skills to operate.

Advantages of Tableau solution

 High Performance:

Users rate Tableau’s overall performance as strong and secure. It can handle millions of rows of data with ease. The huge advantage of having Tableau is different types of visualization can be created in one shot.

2. Mobile-Friendly: 

There is an accomplished mobile app available for IOS and Android which adds mobility to Tableau users and allows them to keep statistics at their fingertips. The app supports practically what a desktop and online version has.

3. Extensive customer resources

The tableau community is engaging and enthusiastic. It has various comprehensive online resources, guides, training, and online forums, etc.

4. Excellent mobile support:

Tableau has a huge percentage of users actively deploying mobile BI. It applies a lot of efforts in building a healthy mobile customer.

5. Easy to upgrade: 

Tableau customers are happy with using the latest release of the software because the upgrades are easy to be carried out.

6. Low cost: 

Tableau is relatively a low-cost solution compared to other big data counterparts such as Qlik and Business Objects.

7. Quality Customer Service:

Tableau has user and developer community where the queries are answered quickly.

8. Ease of use: 

It is easy to use since it is simple user interface software. Also, it is a simple to drag and drop interface which is very easy to learn.