What is a PRINCE2 practitioner and how does it stands apart from all other Project management certifications?

Now before we jump into the real talk about the potential of a PRINCE2 Practitioner, a most heated conversation awaits. Whether or not it has supremacy over other project management certifications? 


The similarities and dissimilarities 


The only competitor of PRINCE2 in the market of certification and application is PMP. Most of the articles on the internet fail to justify the standing of PRINCE2 and tend to market PMP more extremely. This phenomenon is called reverse marketing. But in here we shall dissect both of them simultaneously maintaining the crispiness of the article. 


Let’s start with the geographical distribution and ethnic preference. The origins of both the certification are close, but PRINCE2 holds an upper edge by coming from UK and PMP from the USA. The European continent, as well as Australia, is fond of the PRICE2 while the North American continent seems to love PMP. 


While this leaves a big question about the Asian, African, and gulf counterparts, it is observed that these areas have shown neutrality in preference between the two. They are more result-oriented and goal-oriented masses. It opens a wide room for both the competitors to promote their presence and usability in these locations of the world. 


The most important argument here is both of them complement each other’s presence and silently market one another. The PMP pays homage to PRINCE2 as the standard methodology while PRINCE2 speaks about standards in PMP. This counteracts like the PUMA and Adidas war. 


Although it all depends upon the nature and system of the project we are in depending on the requirement we should choose the best fit. Comparisons have led us nowhere. Similar flattery leads you nowhere. The enhanced quality of the finished product makes a difference. PRINCE2 has efficient control over resources and avoids mechanistic and under-regulated efforts. This is always associated with large and extravagant projects, but the reality is different. It is structure-oriented and is malleable to any given project at any given time.


While the CSM, CAPM, CompTIA Project+, CPMP, APM, MPM, PPM, CPD are some other project management certifications. These project management certifications also hold significant importance, but more or less, they are designed to be subject-oriented, while PRINCE2 is projecting neutral. At the same time, most of the certifications are a precursor to either PRINCE2 or PMP. Experts raise their eyebrows on their validity, while PRINCE2 is the best agile certification. 


The intricacies


Project IN Controlled Environments certification exam has two slabs; the foundational slab has 60 MCQs while the Practitioner has 68 MCQs. The only prerequisite to be eligible for the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination is the PRINCE2 Foundation certification. The examination is of 150 minutes long. The applicant has to score a bare minimum of 55% to pass the examination. 

Besides, the successful applicant has to submit 20 units of CPDs or continuing education to remain valid for the certification. At the same time, the prime differentiator in PRINCE2 Practitioner examination with any other certification examination lies in its scenario-based approach. 


Applicants often find themselves bedazzled when the AXELOS shoots questions that seem to be easy but asks about the most conceptual application. The catch is all the questions are set in the same mood and are enough to pick the right candidate out of the pool of applicants. 


So if your mind is dawdling whether or not to have a PRINCE2 certification, then the fact below would clear all the mist. Dutch companies GRIST, BP, and SHELL individually with a project management pool of 80 projects annually sought PRINCE2 to be a great help. It has allocated 30 Project Managers for the project pool. And the results were outstanding, and now all their IT teams are not using their project management method; instead, they are encouraging the use of PRINCE2.




Often you won’t find clients and real-life examples of Project management methods users as some organizations work in a matrix environment and some in a web environment. It all depends upon the usability and scalability of the method that is efficient in enhancing the profitability of the project undertaken.


A PRINCE2 Practitioner has a lot of potential in him or her. This is depicted by cluster heads and clients; even most of them are PRINCE2 Agile Practitioners what they have revealed in a survey conducted by AXELOS in the year 2019.