Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release Updates – Everything You Need To Know

It may still be summer, but winter is coming. It’s already time to start preparing for the Winter ‘20 release. With just over 3 weeks left till the first release weekend, it’s time to get ready.

As we’re sure most of you know already, this update is quite important. Salesforce Lightning is being switched on for all Orgs.

Five Favourite Updates:

Next up is the release notes. You can spend hours and hours combing through the release notes. We’ve gone through and picked out our favourite five releases to share with you.

The New Salesforce Mobile App: Customize Your Users’ Experience

  • Custom record pages on users phones – No longer restricted to the desktop. You can now create custom record pages specifically for mobile.
  • Show or Hide Record Page Components by Device – show/hide what you want for users on different devices – only show users exactly what they need.
  • Make Lightning Apps Accessible on Phone/Desktop/Both – Configure which form factors your Lightning app supports when made/edited.

Einstein Search (Beta), a Smarter Way to Work in Salesforce

  • Personalized Search Results (Beta) – Search by what’s important to you (geographical locations, industries, statuses, product areas, and people)
  • Enhanced Instant Results (Beta) – A ‘supercharged productivity hub’ in your global search box. Instant access to record previews/page-level record actions/ related list quick links/suggested searches.
  • Instant Reports with the right filters and Conversational Search (Beta) turn your search terms into record filters for instant access to important data.
  • Recommended Result (Beta) – see a preview of the record to know if it’s the right one straight away.
  • Profile-Specific Search Results Layouts (Beta) – fine-tune search results layouts. See what’s important for each unique profile in your org.

Turn On Lightning Experience (Critical Update, Enforced)

  • Not exactly a feature, but very important update. The time has come for Lightning Experience to be switched on for everyone. You will still be able to access classic but transitioning to lightning is your best option as it is the future of Salesforce. Available for a while now, Salesforce will auto-activate the update on a rolling basis in Winter ’20. Find out more about how Pexlify can help with your Salesforce Lightning Migration here.

Connect to Your Customers with WhatsApp (Pilot) and WeChat

  • An interesting update is generating a lot of talk. This pilot will allow customers to communicate with support agents using WhatsApp. Agents will be able to reply from the Service Console.

Count Unique Values in Report Results (Beta)

  • See specific values in your report returns with a unique count. Think about when you want to count how many accounts are specified in a report but each account has many opportunities. You can now add a unique count to the account name column.

Bonus: Access the Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience

  • You no longer have to switch back to Classic to access your Recycle Bin as it is now available in Lightning Experience to view, restore, and permanently delete.