Salesforce Permission Set Comparison

There have been lots of queries regarding the Salesforce permission set comparison of salesforce users while admin wants to upgrade their permission sets or include/merge the permission sets of different packages into the existing ones.

For meeting the above requirements EveryoneInCloud has created a tool for Salesforce Permission Set Comparison. These permission sets can be of the same org or two different org.

This tool is used to do a comparison between permissions for pages, objects, classes, and fields and generate an excel file for those permission sets the comparison

you can download the tool from below link

Salesforce permission set comparison

  • This tool is a java based so java environment setup is pre-requisite for running this tool.

Benefits of the tool:Following are the benefits of this tool:

  • It runs on your local machine so no data exposure to any site or third party.
  • It can compare very large permission sets.
  • It is useful for both admin and developers.
  • The tool is based on Java so secure and reliable.
  • It’s completely free !!!