Salesforce for Non-Profit – A Guide

Salesforce is undoubtedly a very powerful platform. Salesforce CRM implementation has spread across all the sectors of the market have seen witnessed and experienced its power. Today we would talk about the changes and betterment that this wonderful technology has introduced to the world of Non-Profits. The article will tell you about the following things-

  • How is Salesforce facilitating more good with less money for the Non-Profits?
  • Benefits of using Salesforce for Non-profits

How is Salesforce facilitating more good with less money for the Non-Profits?

Salesforce believes that great missions require incredible technology and that is why they offer special subsidized packages for non-profit organizations. Here is how Salesforce is providing great help to the non-profits-

All the eligible organizations that clear the preliminary test of falling under the criteria of a non-profit organization get to have 10 absolutely free subscriptions of Lightning Enterprise Edition with the help of the special Power of Us program being launched by the Salesforce Team.

Their help does not end with this as they offer heavy discounts on further subscriptions that you would take.

The further good news is that you get all of the features of Enterprise Edition, along with the out-of-the-box tools of Salesforce Lightning designed for managing the fundraising and special non-profit constituent relationships for $36 only.

This does not end here as to make the deal even better you get the entire set of the features that come with the Unlimited Edition, plus all the special out-of-the-box tools designed to facilitate managing fundraising along with the non-profit constituent relationships for $72 only.

All the editions of Salesforce are inbuilt with a minimum of 1GB of core data and a daunting 11GB of file storage that is shared by all the users. What’s more is that Additional storage is also available on a per-user basis for every edition.

Benefits of Using Salesforce for Non-Profits

Salesforce NPSP

Salesforce provides the facility of managed packages that are made and kept up by and have been made accessible totally free of cost through the Salesforce AppExchange. It empowers the non-profit associations to bargain better and manage the several small errands related to a non-benefit business affiliation better.

Salesforce Community Cloud

You would now be able to appreciate a unified, coordinated perspective of every last correspondence with any of your customer, benefactor supporters, volunteer, worker, or partner. Salesforce Community cloud is a novel stage that furnishes you with the coordination and arranging of whole information on your clients and representatives.

Better Online Campaigns

One of the major fundamental elements of a non-benefit organization is to create awareness and create crusades for their promotion. Being a Non-profit organization it is imperative that you conduct campaigns and on the off chance that you fail to so, you lose your entire purpose. This is the manner by which you can raise funds for your noble causes. With the simple web-based social media integration and tackling the highlights of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can create simple crusades for your noble cause. On top of it if you combine the potential of Salesforce Lightning with that of a Salesforce Consulting Partner you can do all this in a more seamless manner.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

There is a decent amount of printed material and paperwork that each non-profit association experiences. You can deal with this all using an awesome arrangement offered by Salesforce called the Salesforce Analytics Cloud. This Cloud empowers you to work with enormous information records effectively, make a graphical or pictorial portrayal that is required and give you a superior comprehension of what is new with your association in an exceptionally streamlined way


Correct Salesforce implementation can do wonders for your organization irrespective of the area of the industry it falls in. You yourself saw the wonders that it can do for non-profit organizations. All you need a good Salesforce Consulting Service to tell you about the ways that you can maximize your Salesforce power. Your Salesforce Architect can help you drive the best results as he knows how to develop the right Salesforce architecture for you.