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Experience Salesforce CPQ Generate Quotes with One Click

Accurate Quotes

Salesforce CPQ ensures that quotes are accurate and error-free. It eliminates manual data entry errors and inconsistencies, reducing the risk of pricing mistakes and customer disputes.

Faster Quote Generation

Clients can generate complex quotes and proposals quickly. The CPQ system automates the process, reducing the time it takes to prepare quotes from hours or days to minutes.

Product Configuration

Clients can configure complex product offerings with ease. CPQ allows sales teams to choose from a catalog of products, configure them based on customer needs, and ensure that all selected components are compatible.

Dynamic Pricing

Salesforce CPQ enables dynamic pricing based on factors such as volume discounts, contract terms, and promotions. Clients can offer personalized pricing to each customer while ensuring profitability.

Discount Approval Workflow

CPQ includes discount approval workflows that ensure discounts are applied consistently and in accordance with company policies. This prevents excessive discounting that can erode profit margins.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

CPQ recommends complementary products and services based on customer selections, helping clients increase deal size and revenue by promoting upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Renewal Management

For subscription-based businesses, CPQ can automate the renewal process. It sends renewal reminders and generates renewal quotes, ensuring that clients don’t miss out on recurring revenue.

Streamline your sales process and enhance your product offerings with Salesforce CPQ:

Product Catalog: Elevate Your Product Showcase

  • Display and organize products and services beautifully.
  • Showcase offerings with stunning visuals and detailed descriptions.
  • Intuitive categorization for easier exploration and engagement.

Configuration Rules: Tailor-Made Solutions

  • Create personalized product configurations.
  • Create seamless product combinations
  • Highlight individualized customer solutions.

Pricing and Discounts

  • Create compelling pricing strategies.
  • Competitive pricing and special discounts.
  • Attract potential buyers with enticing deals.

Quoting: Instant Quotes, Instant Sales

  • Streamline the quoting process.
  • Provide fast and accurate quotes.
  • Emphasize speed and efficiency for quick customer approval.

Proposal Generation: Professional Proposals

  • Generate visually appealing, professional proposals.
  • Showcase offerings in the best light.
  • Build trust and credibility with top-tier solutions.

Contract Management: Seamless Contract Handling

  • Market hassle-free contract management.
  • Highlight easy contract administration for customers.
  • Reduce administrative burden.

Subscription Renewals: Continuous Value

  • Showcase ongoing product value.
  • Emphasize continuous benefits and convenience.
  • Increase your Renewal Rate and Reduce Churn

Order Management: Effortless Order Fulfillment

  • Promise seamless order processing.
  • Ensure a delightful customer experience.
  • From purchase to delivery, make it effortless

Document Generation and Storage: Efficient Documentation

  • Emphasize organized and accessible documentation.
  • Simplify post-sale support and record-keeping.
  • Make product usage hassle-free.

Guided Selling: Expert Recommendations

  • Provide expert recommendations to customers.
  • Help customers make informed choices.
  • Offer guidance and expertise throughout the buying process.

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