Marketing Cloud Datorama: bring your data into play

Datorama solves marketing data challenges, being one of the features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Looking for an in-depth overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and its benefits? Click here.
How do you imagine a typical day of a marketer? Probably, sipping coffee and brainstorming various hypothesis on how to improve brand awareness, customer satisfaction, or lead conversion. Most often, we associate marketing with design and creative chaos.
The truth is less entertaining. The core of marketing is data. So instead of coffee and generating ideas, more than 88% of marketers say they spend most of their time on reporting tasks. How come?
Modern marketers use a myriad of technologies to reach and convert customers.
Think of email campaigns, digital advertising, mobile marketing, social media, customer relationship management (CRM). Each of these stores important data for analysis.
If these sources are siloed, no surprise that marketers will spend too much time integrating them for a holistic picture of their campaigns.
Instead, Marketing Cloud Datorama can save their time and effort for more creative tasks.

What is Datorama?

Datorama is a platform to store and visualize marketing data coming from various sources.
Originally, Datorama was used in the ad technology field to help companies ease reporting for their clients. Being now one of the features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it suits well other industries, from automotive to publishing.