Is there any way to run Salesforce reports in Google Sheets?

There’s a Google Sheets Plugin called Coefficient, which allows you to pull data from Salesforce into Google Sheets. In addition to pulling in data via object queries and filters, you can also grab the data directly from a pre-built report. The Google Sheets plugin also allows you to refresh the data at a mouse-click, or to set the data to automatically refresh on a schedule. This of course means that the data itself isn’t live, but you can refresh it on-demand.

With the data in Google Sheets, you can then go and combine it with data from your Google Sheet, or from other reports, you pulled in from Salesforce or other platforms, and manipulate or visualize it however you would like.

The only thing that doesn’t come through in these reports are:

Charts or Graphs – Google Sheets does a much better job at that task than Salesforce typically does anyway.

Conditional Highlighting – You can also do this in Google Sheets, and it does a better job than Salesforce

Subtotal and Grand Total Fields – You can do this in Google Sheets, but it’s a little easier in Salesforce under normal circumstances

Summary Formulas – You can do this in Google Sheets, but it can sometimes be easier to execute in Google Sheets