How to insert a record in Salesforce by using AMPscript?

How to insert a record in Salesforce by using AMPscript

1- First you have to create a cloud page in the Marketing Cloud

2- Use the of Ampscript code –

To insert a record in Salesforce

%%[var @createSfRecordset @createSfRecord = CreateSalesforceObject( 'Lead', 4, 'FirstName', 'rajan', 'LastName', 'gupta', 'Email', '', 'Company','xyz')]%%

NOTE– You must remember your marketing cloud org and your Salesforce Org are perfectly integrated.

In this AMPscript we have inserted a lead record in Salesforce –

Lastname : gupta

Firstname : rajan


Company: xyz

NOTE – You must remember that you have to use API name fields of Salesforce objects when you are inserting the record by using Ampscript.

To create a cloud page ——>

1- Login in marketing cloud —–> Click on cloud pages —–> Click on collections
2- Create a new collection —>
3- Create a new landing page —> Choose classic editor –> Write your Ampscript code —>
4- When your page is loaded then your record is inserted in Salesforce