CRM: Why We Believe You Need It

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. It helps you stay connected to them, streamline processes and improve your profitability.

Nadcoms is an expert provider of CRM. We talk about it all the time because we are so passionate about its importance to business. You may have received sales literature about CRM and still wonder what it is. Some sales literature attempts to dazzle you with amazing sounding words and business speak. That’s why we want to show you, in plain English, the benefits of Nadcoms CRM services from Salesforce.


See Problem Areas

Whereas many systems allow you to look at past performance, a CRM permits you to examine what your future may look like and to plan for it. Nadcoms CRM from Salesforce, when used effectively, will show Sales Leaders and Sales Managers their problem areas. Is there an issue with location or catchment areas? Which employees are experiencing problems and what may be done about it? It also allows you to look at conversion rates and identify weaknesses.


Identify Strengths

Business performance is a trade off against the organisation’s weaknesses and its strengths. As well as helping you examine the weaknesses and developing a strategy for them, it shows you strengths. Enhancing your strengths through the Nadcoms CRM from Salesforce is the key to your continued prosperity. That is why you need not only to know what they are, but also to monitor performance to ensure that they continue to be a strength of your business.


Maximise Potential For Growth

Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are is all well and good, but you also need to understand what to do to ensure continued growth. What business does not want growth? Growth means revenue streams and therefore, profit. Nadcoms CRM is a much more scientific and accurate way of exploring your weaknesses and helping you do something about it. Some of our clients have improved their cross-sale and up-selling revenue using the data they extract from the CRM.


Scalable and Flexible

As your systems upgrade, it is a very real worry that your old software will be incompatible leading to a nightmare period of migration and expense. This can be prohibitively expensive for SMEs. Thankfully, CRMs are scalable meaning that any shift from one system to the other is relatively easy and inexpensive – in terms of time and money. CRM also takes into account that your employees no longer just work on desktops in the office. Salesforce Nadcoms CRM is suitable for mobile devices of all sizes, offering you the flexibility you need in the 21st century.


Cloud Storage Means Extra Security

It is common knowledge that your backup files are stored offsite (naturally) with a CRM. However, did you also know that your primary data and software is also off-site for extra security? Salesforce CRM, in the event of a major disaster to your data, security breach or problem with maintenance, will save you a lot less stress, time and money than you would have without this software. Salesforce, to our knowledge, is the only CRM to offer this extra level of security.

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