A Complete Guide On How To Implement Salesforce For Better Results

Salesforce implementation is of key importance for any company, big or small, and no matter what their specific needs and preferences are. Being one of the leading CRM system in the world. Salesforce allows businesses to identify all the major areas where with proper utilization of technology and brilliant adoption of strategies can help keep their customers satisfied and loyal.

Trade analysts said that every organization has their requirements, which need to be met effectively and in time to help the organization increase their sales and strengthen their relationship with the customer. With the proper Salesforce implementation, this can be achieved easily as it provides a vast majority of customization options and third party integrations with other apps that makes it a worthy product. However, understanding the benefits of the Salesforce and its wise implementation are two different things, and the latter one can be extremely difficult if you don’t the basics and advanced concept of Salesforce. Whether you are looking to increase your data quality, maintain a customer company relationship or make the best out of our investment, if you don’t know how to properly utilize the features of Salesforce, you won’t be able to achieve excellence and reach higher.

Here are given some important tips on how to implement a successful Salesforce given by over 22 Salesfoce experts:

Salesforce – A definite leader in providing CRM solutions

Providing fast and reliable customer service is the main pillar of developing a long lasting customer relationship. Every organization searches for better ways to help their customer get best support services. And the ability Salesforce provides to their clients to help them find out those areas and make effective use of technology to remove those obstacles makes it a sure leader in offering CRM solutions. Salesforce allows them to improve interaction between the company agent and the customer with the help of easily customizable Salesforce tools.

These tools help them store valuable customer data in a correct and organized manner that it enables the user to easily find and prioritize the queries, and provide necessary solutions in time. However, the only appropriate use of these tools can offer flexibility in the management. It is highly recommended to use the services of an expert if you wish to customize tools, construct modules and modify Salesforce to perform as per the needs of the industry.

Using its features effectually

Since Salesforce offers a variety of features, it is essential for a company to use those features accordingly. For instance, the cloud based characteristics help the organization in easy customization and offers scalability. Having a cloud-based environment allows the business in necessary modifications and changes before the implementation process.


The cloud feature of Salesforce not only provides flexibility and accessibility, it also gives the organization a secure and trusted way to access the data.

Mistakes that need to be avoided

Salesforce implementation is not an easy process and it must be done by keeping certain things in mind. Many believe that just having the power of Salesforce can help them generate better leads and get increased sales. But they are entirely wrong, and this belief of theirs cause their company a great loss. Below are some of the most common mistakes that you will need to avoid to have a successful implementation of Salesforce.

Implementing it on your own: It may be possible that you can implement it without anyone’s help, but implementing it right speed, accuracy and precision are not possible. In order to get the best result from your CRM investment, appointing experienced Salesforce partners is recommended as they can understand your requirements a too well and make necessary assumptions and strategies to attain your goals within the time.

Failure to customize the system well: Surely Salesforce comes with a lot of features, but you got to understand that using those features in an inefficient manner would be hazardous for the company. You will need to properly understand the requirements of your business first and then use its features to achieve those desired results. An experienced Salesforce partner can help you with that.

Choosing the wrong Salesforce partners: There are numbers of Salesforce partners available out there who claim to offer widespread and comprehensive solutions to your CRM needs. However, only a few understand the concept and functionalities of the system, and have the experience to deliver the desired results. Hence, you should only partner with highly knowledgeable and professional consultancy services who have helped many companies before.

You focus too much on unnecessary things: While implementing Salesforce, it is essential to look deeply on matters so that you can get all the things right. However, doing this, you also concentrate too much on things that can be dealt with later and overlook those areas where your immediate attention is required.

Less interaction with end users: To provide your customers with better services, you need to interact with them on a regular basis. Not dealing with the end user can decrease your visibility and lower your reputation. You may also forgot your real customers. Therefore, it is highly important to communicate with your customers by asking to submit feedback so that you can know what the user actually think of you and work on the areas where feedback is negative.

Use Pardot and Salesforce together to measure and optimize campaign ROI

With the help of Pardot, you can create, observe and manage Salesforce campaign’s return on investment reports. It is an effective method to keep track of your campaigns and know how well the campaigns are performing. All you need to do is integrate your campaign into the Pardot system by logging in with your Salesforce account details. By enabling your campaigns with Pardot, you can easily add prospects and make necessary changes as required in your campaign that will increase your sales opportunities.

Management of Salesforce security

Being a cloud-based system, Salesforce is believed to be less safe and more prone to release your valuable data to the hackers. An understandable concern for any business owner, however, the truth is far from it as Salesforce offers a brilliant configuration system that allows access to the data to only those personnel having the required account details. With its remarkable security system, you can easily customize who have access to the data and how much the person can see it. Furthermore, it also helps you to monitor who and how the data has been used, thus providing both flexibility and safety.

By understanding these details, Salesforce implementation can be achieved thoroughly and successfully, and the company can come close to their goals of increased sales and better customer support service.