8 Inside Sales Tools that can Help You Meet Your Targets

Are you finding it challenging to meet your monthly/quarterly sales target? Well, maybe you need to improve your productivity. The best performing sales teams always focus on enhancing efficiency continuously. In this blog, we will discuss 8 inside sales tools that can help you meet your sales targets.

1. CRM for Enhancing Efficiency

For every efficient sales team, well-developed CRM software is essential. All the leads and prospects for the sales are stored as well as can be managed in this system. That CRM should be responsive design as well so they can have access on mobile also. Some of the benefits of CRM that can help the inside sales organization are:

Follow-up actions and reminders can be set for salespeople. Multiple team members can coordinate actions in a central platform. Sales managers can inspect deals and the entire to-do list of the sales team. Helps with reporting of the conversion rates for the management, it can offer an instant forecast of the sales.

You can consider integrating other tools for sales reps in CRMs to extend its functionality, which in return can increase the sales productivity.

2. Collaborative Approach via Document Sharing

We are living in a time where sharing has become the norm, and with technologies like Google Docs, real-time sharing is easy. Whether it is a sales email template, confidential information, update about sales from the company or any new proposal, sharing them with the team can be achieved with few clicks.

Software like Google Suit or Quip by Salesforce allows the user to create a template and can be shared instantly with the entire sales team. This can be edited and reviewed by multiple users that make collaboration simpler and easier. It increases the efficiency of the team, as everyone is up-to-date with the changes, progress, and the sales target.

3. Internal Message Boards

To achieve the target and increase the productivity it is crucial that the inside sales team knows everything about the sales process all the time and be on the same page. They need to remain connected all the time regardless of the issues, be it policy changes, updates on products, sales targets, etc. Internal message boards for sales teams are thus essential as they boost productivity by streamlining the communication channels and document sharing. There are several tools like Slack that can be easily integrated with CRM software. Some leading CRMs, like Salesforce, also provide standalone internal messaging app solutions like Salesforce Chatter.

4. Digitizing to Saves Time

One of the most significant issues that often lead to less productivity is time mismanagement. Sales reps often have to manually draft proposals and then pursue the clients relentlessly to sign them. This causes quite a hindrance for the sales reps to meet their target and decrease productivity unconsciously. These processes can be automated and digitized with the help of software solutions.

Tools like Adobe are one of the most used e-signature tools. Other such tools that can be used by the inside sales are Sertifi and DocuSign by Salesforce. They help the inside sales reps to utilize their time better and offers better customer experiences. This software has replaced the lengthy process of printing, signing, and scanning of documents with just a few clicks.

5. Screen Sharing to Get Your Point Across Quickly

With tools like Google Hangout, Skype Business, TeamShare, GoToMeeting, and more, sales reps can maximize their productivity by sharing the screen in real time. They can demonstrate a feature of the product to the client, or share a case study with the other team members efficiently.

These features allow the sales reps to have an interactive session with both staff and clients, thereby achieving multiple objectives. SinceSoftware like Google Suit or Quip by Salesforce allows the user to create a template and can be shared instantly with the entire sales team. This can be edited and reviewed by multiple users that make collaboration simpler and easier. It increases the efficiency of the team, as every some software enables more than 20 users to be added, they can be utilized for conference calls and webinars.

6. Email Tracking: Perfecting the Follow-Ups

Zenit is an email tracking software that can be easily integrated with the CRM software. It helps sales reps to track when a prospect is opening up and interacting with emails, and sync their calendar automatically so they can schedule the follow-ups. It also updates milestones based on the actions taken by the sales rep.

7. Slide Decks: Share and Track

More than often prospects prefer to see slide deck and they are always better than loose Powerpoints. The software like ClearSlide, integrate with CRM platforms and allow the sales reps to get insights. This is possible because after sharing the slide deck, the rep can track the prospect’s interaction with each part of the presentation. Thus, giving the rep a scope to pitch the right ideas to the right customers, thereby increasing productivity.

8. Sales Intelligence Tools

It is essential that your inside sales reps have enough leads to follow up and for this, data is required. Any good sales team depends on the data to find prospects and new leads. One such software that provides the sales intelligence to the inside sales reps is LinkedIn Navigator. It allows the inside sales reps to contact people, send messages without being part of their network. It also allows advanced search and can be easily integrated with the CRM.


By spending less time on non-productive and administrative tasks that are not directly connected to revenue generation, sales reps can dedicate more time in pitching and closing sales deals. Adoption of CRM system that integrates productivity tools has the power to boost the potential of the sales reps. Most of these tools are even free to use, and all you require is a little effort to implement them in your daily work routines.

Even the paid version doesn’t cost much, and the benefit they bring are far greater than the money spent on them. As technology advances, it will become imperative for your sales reps to adopt these tools in order to sell smart and stay competitive in the market. Otherwise, they may lose out to their competitors. Thus, it is not an option but a necessity to make these tool a part of your sales process.