Zinedine Zidane attacks media, demands respect for Real Madrid success

It’s a very bad time for Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, who is back under pressure after a string of poor results.

Los Blancos crashed into both the Super Cup and Copa del Rey, while a 2-1 loss to Levante left Real ten points behind La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid (who also has a game in hand), and it has been reported that Zidane is almost certainly going to be sacked at the end of the season.

Zinedine Zidane
Zidane’s work is under threat | Soccrates Images / Getty Images

The Spanish press didn’t really pull any punches when discussing Zidane’s future, and it looks like the Real boss has had enough of everything.

“Are you serious? Every day I’m away, and you know it, ”Zidane said (via ESPN) when asked if he was too defensive of both himself and the team. “Last year we won the league.

“We did it. Real Madrid… Next year, they will have to do things, perhaps make changes. But this year, we have the right to fight. Lets fight.

Zidane wants more time | GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty Images

“We won the league last year, not ten years ago. Show some respect for it. You [journalists] say a lot of things. But you have to take responsibility. Tell me to my face: I want you to go. We want you to go. But you have to say it, not behind my back.

“I am responsible for this team. If things don’t work out, you have to see who is responsible. Next year, something will certainly have to be done. But this year, this team deserves to continue. ”

Zidane recently had to spend two weeks in self-isolation after testing positive for COVID-19, and the boss has admitted his time locked away from the world is doing him a disservice.

“One day I am absent, the next day I entered, the next day we draw or lose and I am eliminated,” he continued. “Every time we play a bad game, I get asked about it. I don’t deserve this treatment.

“I’m a little angry I was locked in a cage for two weeks and can’t wait to get out there and show that I will fight until the end.”

Nothing like a bit of Zizou fighting spirit, eh?

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