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Are you looking to contribute a guest post or write for us then we would love to welcome you! Yes, we do accept guest-writing articles, sponsored posts with the following below mentioned topics & guidelines. Please make sure that before you send your articles you’re following our guidelines.


  • If you are planning to submit articles, make sure that it is minimum 450+ words with detailed Intro, body of the message and a conclusion.
  • Subtitle the article to read user-friendly.
  • Add relevant images. (Minimum 600px wide)
  • You can attach and send in .Doc or .Txt formats.

Guest Blogger’s Benefits:

  • You will be promoted in all our social communities
  • You are allowed to have 1 Natural Anchor Text Link in the author bio section which will be no-followed. If you’d like to add additional followed links in the content of articles, you can contact us.
  • Your link will be permanent!
  • Generate traffic back to you by adding personal profiles (Facebook and Twitter) in Author Bio section.

Guest Blogger’s Guidelines:

  • The article must not be a copy from anywhere and it should be unique (Never been published anywhere), must not publish before and after any of the website. If duplicate article found on the Internet, the published article will be deleted without any notification.
  • We don’t accept articles like essays & meaningless.
  • The article must be useful tips/information/resource for users.
  • The article must have minimum 450+ words
  • Try to avoid the duplicate title that we have already published.
  • By submitting the articles you are agreeing that we can edit or make any changes (Not affecting the link until it is related to the articles) before publish.
  •  ‘Author Bio’ information & links won’t be changed in the future, once it has been published.

How to send the guest posts?

You can use the following e-mail address: admin@thestarbiznews.com

When my article will be published or showcased?

Normally your article will be published within 2 to 3 business days if it passes above mentioned guidelines and matches our criteria.

Having further questions or suggestions?

You’re welcome to suggest or ask us any questions!  We’ll be glad to help you!