Why everyone watching ‘Ehd e Wafa’ again at home?

Why everyone watching 'Ehd e Wafa' again at home?

The story itself revolved around four friends and how they find their way through the different phases of life, and ultimately end up in four different fields: journalism, the media, bureaucracy, and the military. While overall Ehd-e-Wafa kept strict procedures when it came to script and editing, the two were quite outstanding in the last episode. We saw each of the main characters grow a little bit more and the episode was nothing less than a roller coaster, with unexpected twists and plot revelations. Here are a few things that made the final episode even more memorable. First, there was the Abhinandan drama. Yes! We have to witness it all, and since it was an ISPR-supported program, we know it has to be precise in the details. There was no teasing or jingoism involved, rather what we saw on the screen was just a recreation of a very important event that will go down in our history. We were also able to see the infamous Chief Goswami in action. However, his character could have been a little tougher – if you’ve heard or seen the knight in real life, you would know what we’re talking about. So of course who could have missed Humayun Saeed? Yes, you read it right.

Our favorite superstar made a special appearance. He assumed the role of an authorized commander who was given him. In fact, it was he who told the infamous story of Abhinandan. Finally, with the show, we have a writer who didn’t kill the main character. Yes, Saad did not actually die. Thank goodness also because we would have needed a lot of handkerchiefs / wipes and with the current shortage it would have been a problem. We were waiting with bated breath as Saad crossed the border to save a colleague. He ended up being hurt, tricking us into believing he had been martyred, but a surprise awaited us. He was saved and that too for the love of his life. Matlab kya baat hai. We were happy to see a drama that ended on a happy note for once.

The last episode of Ehd-e-Wafa was as action packed as a roller coaster ride on an emotional journey. The difficult to predict narrative kept us glued to the last scene. Now we are looking for an equally good show to fill the void. I hope we will have more dramas like this in the future, but until then, quarantine safely and, like us, you can watch the final episode on replay to fix boredom. You will not regret!

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