Who is Ali Akman? What to know about Turkey’s rising star

Clubs across Europe are always looking to catch rising stars at rock bottom prices, and that is why Bursaspor striker Ali Akman is making headlines.

Chelsea and Arsenal have recently been linked with the 18-year-old, who only has six months left on his contract, while Manchester City have now been tipped to lure the teenager with a free transfer this summer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Akman In Demand.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Akman is that he’s around 5’8, but he doesn’t play like that.

Unsurprisingly, he’s doing his best on the pitch, but he has a good track record when it comes to net headers. Akman isn’t afraid to mix him up with center-backs.

It is not her physicality that helps her match, but rather her exceptional movement and vision. He knows how to get into the right positions and is able to time his jumps better than anyone.

Sergio aguero
Akman’s style is similar to Aguero | Catherine Ivill / Getty Images

When you think of powerful little strikers, chances are it won’t take long for you to land on Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero, and that’s what Bursaspor boss Mustafa Er sees in Akman’s style of play. .

“I compare him to Sergio Aguero in style,” Er told Goal. “There aren’t many forwards like Ali. Normally you are either a strong attacker who is better in the air or a faster attacker who runs behind defenses.

“Ali holds the ball, assists, scores goals, takes positions, dribbles, beats his man… these characteristics exist in Aguero as a forward.”

Lautaro Martinez
Akman watches a lot of Martinez | Gabriele Maltinti / Getty Images

Comparisons to Aguero are understandable, but Akman thinks he looks more like fellow Argentinian, Inter’s Lautaro Martinez.

“I’m trying to copy similar attackers, and recently I watched Lautaro Martinez,” Akman told TRT Spor. “But I also like watching Roberto Firmino.

“I can watch Firmino for 90 minutes without taking my eyes off him. He’s an incredible forward. ”

Ayhan Akman
Akman idolizes his uncle | EuroFootball / Getty Images

Most young players jump at the chance to name some of the greatest of all time as their idols, but for Akman the only player he ever admired was his uncle, the great Galatasaray, Ayhan Akman.

“The fact that my uncle Ayhan became a footballer had a huge impact,” he said. “My uncle has always given me confidence. I started to walk while playing soccer. I saw my uncle as my idol. ”

Bursaspor were so sure Akman had what it takes to be a star that they moved him to their Under-21 squad when he was 16, and he was kicked back to seniors at 17 .

He made his debut for Bursaspor just three months after his 17th birthday, and his first goal came just a week later when he got his first start.

This rapid progression continued on the international scene. Between September 2019 and November 2020, he made his debut for Turkey’s Under-18, Under-19 and Under-21 teams.

While he’s made a name for himself as a center forward, Akman’s style of play has seen him deployed in a handful of positions on the pitch.

His big breakthrough at Bursaspor actually came as a left-winger, but in order to maximize his goal threat, Akman was quickly transferred to a central role and the results were impressive.

However, Er is also happy to play Akman as a whole behind an attacker, where his movement and construction play can be more effective. That’s probably why he’s looking at Firmino.

A move to Europe is planned for Akman, which has attracted interest across the continent. However, it was the Premier League that caught his attention the most.

He recently confessed to Manset Turkiye that he hopes to follow his compatriot Cenk Tosun by playing in the front row of England, which he considers the best league in world football.

Akman is also full of confidence ahead of a possible move to England, insisting he believes his style of play would fit in well in the Premier League.

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