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What’s the number one Exercise to reduce Belly Fat? Here’s the Secret You Have to learn getting a Flat Belly


Everyone would love having a flat belly with a spectacular six pack abs. After all it is the epitome of sexiness and once you are able to model a okinawa flat belly tonic side effects reviews ( belly everyone will appreciate you and your self confidence will shoot throughout the top. But what is the best exercise to shed belly fat and get a flat midsection? Here are several of the most amazing exercises which you need to find out to get a flat tummy:

Exercises #1- Basic Ab Crunches

This’s among the most popular exercise to work the abdominal muscles. If can lay on and workout mat of a rug due to this exercise. Just laying on the floor could be very hard but in case you don’t have an exercise mat or perhaps rug that can be a substitute. You will bend your legs so that the knee point upwards of yours while the sole of the feet of yours remains on the ground. Place your hand behind your head for help and support and lift your upper body upwards towards your knee while keeping your buttocks on the ground. Revisit floor position and then start the cycle once again. Doing aproximatelly 6 sets of 20 repetitions is good in case your are merely starting and then you can increase as your fitness level increases.

Exercise #2- Leg Lifting

This is also efficient to work your lower abdominal muscles. It also requires that you place on the floor although this time you will lift your legs and keep your upper body on the ground. You can put your hands by your side along with your palms facing down for stability even though you lift the legs of yours to a 45 degree angle out of the soil. Return the leg of yours to floor position after which start over the cycle. Doing 3 sets of 15 repetitions is suggested if you’re only starting out and also you are able to gradually increase as your fitness level increases.