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What Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku said in the Milan derby


In a Milan derby that apparently had everything including the referee needing to be replaced due to a hamstring injury, the aggressive showdown between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Romelu Lukaku was the lasting image that was tackled on social media .

With AC Milan and Inter both firing on all cylinders after a few fruitless years for the city’s iconic football clubs, former Manchester United colleagues clashed at the stroke of half-time and had to be separated by teammates.

Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Each player received a yellow card for the confrontation | Marco Luzzani / Getty Images

Each was shown a yellow card, but the referee quickly signaled half-time to San Siro and the hostility continued as both players made their way to the tunnel and Lukaku was held back.

Twitter account Italian football television recorded what was said after watching the furious clash over and over again, alleging it started when Ibrahimovic called Lukaku an ass.

The initial spat then continued after their separation.

The Inter striker responded by saying: “Let’s go inside your bitch, let’s see.”

Ibrahimovic, who was later sent off when the game resumed for a second yellow card, allegedly insulted Lukaku’s mother.

Romelu Lukaku
The incident continued after the separation of the two players | Jonathan Moscrop / Getty Images

Lukaku would then have said to the Swede: “F * ck you & your wife you little b *** h.”

As Lukaku reached the tunnel, he also reportedly said, “You mean my mother, son of b *** h?” I shoot you in the head.

Ibrahimovic opened the scoring for Milan in the Coppa Italia quarter-final. Lukaku himself secured Inter’s equalizer from the penalty spot just over 10 minutes after Ibrahimovic received his marching orders. The winner then came from a free kick from Christian Eriksen deep in the stoppage time.

Inter will face the winner of the draw between Juventus and SPAL in the semi-finals.

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