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What The Pentagon Can Teach You About Decks


Possible problems against Ally decks or Imbued since the grenades only end combat against them but don’t tap them or force them to remain tapped. Ends combat and punishes your opponents in their next turn. The random draw had ended up with JB and I at opposite ends of the table, so she was able to help out with explanations at one end of the table and I was able to help out at the other. The cute thing about Flash Grenades is that they trump Strike:Combat Ends cards(except those that allow the vampire to untap after combat like Majesty). MB had gotten a bit caught in the middle between my gun-toting Toreador and LC’s predictably combat nasty Brujah and had also seemed to suffer a bit of hand-jam. The Trenches allows you to win much more rapidly and is a better tempo card however it requires a much greater resource investment, when using Trenches you are making a bit commitment, this can be chucked down and then ignored while it slowly powers you up.

It also only triggers once on every one of your turns unlike Top which you can use as much as you have mana for. LC seemed to grasp the concept of the game really quickly and MB rapidly consulted and absorbed the rules, as seems to be his way, and indeed at one stage correcting me on a fairly crucial rule, which was somewhat embarrassing, but also excellent and reasonably humourous to see. I initially ran through a basic overview of the rules, along with a bit of a spiel about the clans we were playing and their styles and also a bit about the Camarilla versus the Sabbat, to try and add some of the story aspect to the game, as well as the straight mechanics. In the end I was able to get through JB albeit with a bit of a struggle and 1.0 C Decking some hasty debate from all parties concerned in regards to some political actions and their suggested conditions. At this point it was great to see that rather than lose interest now they were out of the game, MB and LC seemed glued to the action now that the end game was in sight and the subsequent increased action started to take place.

We suggest you as our experience with Option Unlimited, last year for our deck designing, wooden flooring, wooden gates and laminate wooden flooring were great. Flash Grenades are a great deterrent. The general idea is for the vampires to recruit Shambling Hordes, which are then either kept untapped as blockers, or used to rush potential problem vampires and hurl flash grenades into their faces(Sometimes even beating them up somewhat before blinding them with a grenade). I then ran into a wall against BL who, in perhaps the most impressive play of the day, managed to use what I think was just one of her vampires to successfully block 4 of mine. Both one drops, both somewhat filler however the Preordain is the filler you want, odds on it will make the final list while the Firedrinker might not. Neither are that exciting and to my mind are filler cards that give good flavour and colour feel but that are also not at all missed.

BL tended to be a bit more of a dark horse, playing her game fairly close the chest, so she was a bit harder to read, whilst JW seemed pretty laid-back but also seemed to indicate a firm understanding of the game as well with one or two perceptive comments, so all in all, a good start. One would have noticed the Flash Grenades. Shambling Hordes can be twarted in their attempts to throw grenades by Immortal Grapple(though perhaps this is mitigated somewhat by the fact that they still hit for 3 or 4 with a hand strike). You can counter removal spells with this, you can undo Control Magic effects, so even when you don’t happen to have enter the battlefield triggers to abuse the card has lots of strong uses. Yes, I know there are some ways to counter it, but most of the time, the combo is unchecked, and then it gets out of hand. They will consider all of them and then provide a solution. At Custom Build Decks, our team of experts is there to assist you in making your choice and well-versed at explaining and making suggestions which will best facilitate your final decision.