What A Turning Point in Ehd e Wafa Episode 14!

Episode 14 was simply a suspense developing episode and that’s why this drama is having huge fan base and viewers are raising day by day. But other then that one thing is continuously happening in almost ever episode that Shariq’s life have been quite haphazard right from the time these boys left college and they are simply concentration on the life of Saad and Shahzain which is why some of the fans are getting bored and losing interest. For this they must have to divide time equally among each character.

This episode starts where Shehryar arrives home and he is just pissed off from the behaviour of her cousin Masooma and he thinks her behaviour towards him is like the behaviour of a slave toward a King which pisses him off too much.

On the other hand, Saad simply says that he doesn’t want to go for RMA and want to follow the footsteps of his father and want to pass out from his own academy. On which his Senior replies that you’re not supposed to take your own decisions and fulfill your own desires you don’t have any right on it and This is the prerogative of Army. Then, Saad goes back to home and call Dua and tell her that he is in Islamabad and if she is here can we meet? On which she replies “Yes, we can meet”. Whether Saad’s sister eavesdrop on Saad’s conversation with Dua and starts taunting him. Where Saad gets panic and fails at acting fake and gets reveal easily. Later her sister informs him that he is going to get engaged to a girl in his relatives soon. Where Saad gets worry and goes to her Mother’s clinic and talked about what his sister tells him and her mother simply says that you don’t need to worry about this, you’re not going to engaged over there and I know your feelings.

Saad and Dua goes to Park as planned. Where Dua’s first cousin Raheel sees both of them sitting on a bench he starts humiliating Dua by some cheap allegations and warns Saad not try to meet her again. Dua leaves off the park and goes to home in anger. Where she comes to know that she is going to be engaged with her cousin Raheel. She lost her temper and clearly states in front of everyone that she isn’t going to marry with Raheel by which everyone gets suspicious that she may having affair with Saad on which she also states that Saad is just my friend and I don’t have any feelings for him and for proving you all wrong I won’t ever talk to Saad.

After this scene the sends a voice note to Saad that from now, we will not meet each other and we must have to concentrate on our future on which Saad’s replies “Yes! We have to concentrate on our future”.

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