Tottenham Premier League clash with Fulham postponed due to Covid-19 outbreak

Tottenham’s clash with Fulham on Wednesday night was called off due to positive tests for Covid-19, becoming the second Premier League game in three days to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Everton’s game against Manchester City on Monday was called off just four hours before kick-off after City filed a late request to postpone the game due to an increase in cases at the club. Prior to that, Aston Villa v Newcastle in early December had been the only high profile game postponed due to Covid.

Tottenham had no postponed coronavirus match before Fulham's cancellation this week
Tottenham had no postponed coronavirus game before Fulham’s cancellation this week | Pool / Getty Images

According to various sources, including Football London’s Gold Alasdair, Wednesday’s game between Tottenham and Fulham has been postponed – three and a half hours before kick-off – and both sides have been notified.

This is due to the fact that Fulham returned a number of positive Covid tests on Tuesday.

As per the guidelines of the Premier League 2020-21 handbook, permission to postpone a league game will not be granted if the club requesting the postponement has “14 or more players listed on their available squad list”.

Fulham has had precedents with Covid over the Christmas period, with boss Scott Parker missing the deadlock on his side on Boxing Day with Southampton because a member of his family had tested positive.

On Tuesday, 18 positive coronavirus tests carried out by players and staff were recorded in the Premier League – the highest so far this season.

The increase in the number of cases has led some high-level managers to call for a cutout – which has divided opinions from top to bottom.