Opinion: Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Pakistani show industry is honored with the best. There are barely any truly talented entertainers who have during that time demonstrated their believability by picking the ventures they work in admirably. While I was shortlisting names for this rundown, I understood that there are additionally those on-screen characters who have been around for a considerable length of time yet there are just a bunch of shows featuring them which can really be named as the best. Sadly, huge numbers of these capable entertainers have additionally regularly settled on quality. That is the motivation behind why some of them have not misused their capability to the most extreme. Their best exhibitions anyway are certainly worth viewing.

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This rundown contains the names of those entertainers who have been in the show business for a truly prolonged stretch of time. I trust that this rundown will allow we all to discuss some old dramatizations which we don’t discuss frequently. It is additionally similar to a suggestion list for each one of those show buffs who have not observed a portion of these dramatizations yet. The recommendations given by the perusers will add more names to the rundown and will give me a couple of new dramatizations to observe as well.

Faysal Qureshi

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Faisal Qureshi is ground-breaking entertainer who has been a piece of some eminent dramatizations. I should state however that even now Faisal Qureshi has a ton to provide for the business on the grounds that there are such a significant number of fronts which he has not investigated. Faysal Qureshi related himself with An and B Productions for a very long time and in the process he marked a few ventures which were not constantly amazing.

It is additionally a reality that regardless of whether he is a piece of a dramatization which in general doesn’t offer a lot, his exhibition is consistently sufficient. These four shows featuring Faysal Qureshi in driving jobs are my top pick. I have a couple of proposals from the perusers which I will observe soon.


Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan



Bashir Momin

Sabz Pari Laal Kabootar

Baba Jani

Imran Ashraf

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Imran Ashraf has been a piece of the Pakistani dramatization industry for quite a while yet it required some investment to get acknowledgment. Dillagi was the main dramatization where Imran Ashraf found the opportunity to show his acting ability. In his other two dramatizations which are my unsurpassed top picks, Imran Ashraf played testing characters.

The truth of the matter is that Imran Ashraf can exceed expectations at assuming the sort of jobs that most on-screen characters would avoid. Much the same as some different on-screen characters right now, Ashraf has additionally been a piece of numerous dramatizations which were definitely not great. We are for the most part holding on to watch him in another great dramatization; since the time he has been a piece of Ranjha Kardi, he has neglected to give a presentation that doesn’t have shades of Bhola.



Alif Allah aur Insan

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

Humayun Saeed

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Humayun Saeed began his acting vocation from shows and from that point forward he has made considerable progress. Albeit now he concentrates more on films yet every time he shows up on the little screen, he makes his quality felt. Humayun Saeed consistently acted convincingly in any event, when he wasn’t excessively experienced. Hence it is nothing unexpected that he has figured out how to make such a major name for himself throughout the years. Of late, Humayun Saeed has become the sort of entertainer whose name sells dramatizations.



Tum Ho Kay Chup


Mere Pass Tum Ho

Adnan Siddiqui

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Adnan Siddiqui is another entertainer who is regularly pigeonholed however he additionally realizes how to give each character he plays the correct treatment. He obviously appreciates acting which is the reason he ensures that every one of his characters have an alternate look and style. As of late, he has been a piece of probably the best shows. In the past as well, he has been a piece of some engaging plays.



Mere Qatil, Mere Dildar


Mere Pass Tum Ho

Ye Dil Mera – Not to be missed!

Ali Abbas

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Ali Abbas isn’t normal legend. He began his profession doing supporting roles yet slowly built up his own specialty as a lead hero. He is presently featuring as the principle hero in hit play Mera Khuda Jaanay where he played Waleed, opposite Hira Mani, Anum Fayyaz and Aly Khan.



Naqab Zain

Kahin Deep Jaley

Mera Khuda Janay

Imran Abbas

Top Pakistani Actors Best Dramas of all time

Despite the fact that Imran Abbas has settled on some awful options of late and his make-up has gone from terrible to more regrettable yet he has likewise given us some uncommon exhibitions. Along these lines I should give him acknowledgment for breathing life into his characters in the absolute best shows I have viewed in the previous not many years. Imran Abbas is a splendid entertainer however he unquestionably needs to pick his jobs all the more shrewdly. Here are not many of his shows in which he completed equity to his jobs. These dramatizations were additionally engaging and ought not be missed.



Akbari Asghari

Khuda aur Mohabbat

Mera Naam Yousuf Hei


Noman Ijaz

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Noman Ijaz has been a piece of such huge numbers of astounding shows that it is difficult to waitlist not many great dramatizations from his long vocation. Along these lines, I included those shows wherein he played those characters which were remarkable. Every one of these shows were elegantly composed and executed.


Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi

Sang-e-Mar Mar



Dar Si Jati Hai Sila

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