Top 7 Motivational Fat reduction Tips

gobiofit methodHere are some great motivational weight loss tips.  They won’t just get you started on your weight loss journey, they will help you to stay inspired and inspired. Motivation is the major component that determines your results in weight loss.  Ready, Set, Get Motivated…

Motivational Weight Loss Tip 1:

Congratulations! You have chose to lose weight.  The first thing you need to accomplish is sit back with paper and pen and make a list of all the reasons why you will succeed.  List everything that you’ll get by reducing your weight – like being healthier, looking great in clothes, fitting into that little black dress etc. 

Take out the items that actually tug at your heart.  These’re your strongest wishes and wishes.  List them on a couple 3×5 cards.  Put the 3×5 cards around your home where you are going to see them often.  Keep one in your wallet.  Read them as often as possible through out the day. 

At least twice in the daytime – preferably when it’s dark and in the morning you will want to read the list out loud.  Read with emotion, at how grateful and happy you will be when you’ve reached your aim.

Motivational Weight Loss Tip 2:

Keep a food log. Most successful dieters are going to tell you, they kept a food journal.  It enables you to become conscious of what kind of pickles are best for fried pickles ( you’re eating.  If you write down your thoughts while consuming it also assists you to determine the why… Are you eating using hunger or out of emotion? 

The food journal can serve as a diary for you to remember how far you’ve came.  When you are having a tough time, you can look at it and see all the success you have had.  This can inspire you to keep on going.  It also can certainly help you decide what to consume to lose some weight if/when you hit that dreaded excess weight loss plateau.

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