Top 5 Cricket Apps For Android & iPhone Users

Top 5 Cricket Apps For Android & iPhone Users

Cricket is a highly celebrated sport not only in the Subcontinent but also around the world as well. The season of cricket stays on throughout the year with different series’ and tournaments taking place in different parts of the world.

With the inclusion of social media, the number of fans watching cricket games and getting up to date with the live scores and updates has grown immensely. Therefore, it is very necessary to get yourself updated with the help of cricket apps which are in common use these days.

In this piece, we’re going to bring you the Top 5 Cricket Apps for Android and iPhone users and we are sure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off these apps once you install them on your phone.


There is absolutely no doubt that when we talk about cricket apps then ESPNCricinfo comes out at the top of the list.

Cricinfo is perhaps the most oldest and impressive cricket application and they also have a complete website that provides you with all the related information regarding ongoing matches and events.

Apart from the live scores, Cricinfo also provides you with informatory videos and interviews of the cricket celebrities.

It also has a complete profile for every single player around the world where you can check out their stats and numbers. ESPNCricinfo is considered as the pioneer of cricket websites in the world.

Cricbuzz Cricket News & Scores

Cricbuzz is known as the only competitor of Cricinfo because it also provides the same level of information and updates on their platform.

Cricbuzz has been a decent amount of audience of late because of their redesigned interface and additional features.

If you’re a hardcore cricket freak then visiting Cricbuzz on your Smartphone is going to be a very pleasing experience for you. Famous Indian commentator and cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle also entertains the fans with his informational videos on cricket.

NDTV Cricket

NDTV Cricket is another exceptional addition to the family of android cricket apps. Apart from live scores, this app also plays an important role in bringing you all the latest updates, events, matches and upcoming series’.

There’s a small loophole as well in this app and that is when the score is refreshing then the whole screen gets refreshed as well with it. It doesn’t take much longer but the idea is pretty bothering.


Cricingif is perhaps one of the fastest growing online platforms in Pakistan and apart from a stunning website, they also have a decent cricket app as well for both android and iPhone users.

You will get all the live scores, current matches and upcoming series’ in this app and you can also participate in different prediction and fantasy games in this app. In short, the Cricingif app will not bore you for once.

Star Sports Live Cricket Score

Many people believe that the official cricket app of the Star Sports platform is the best application available for cricket.

However, there’s a problem with this app as it doesn’t show you the entire information you’re looking for as you’d get in the other apps we have discussed.

The information is little about cricket but the Star Sports Live Cricket Score app makes up for its loophole with an additional feature of updates about Football, Tennis and Badminton.

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