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Things to know about Portugal’s next wonder


We had the chance to witness the career of Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, and we are enjoying the last years of the legendary Cristiano. But as one Ronaldo nears the twilight of his career, another waits to burst onto the scene.

18-year-old Ronaldo Camara has lit up the UEFA Youth League for Benfica and his stunning performances have caught the attention of the European elite. Their curiosity increased, however, with reports emerging that they could catch the wonderful teenager for next to nothing.

Ronaldo recognizes Ronaldo | AFP / Getty Images contributor

According to The Mail, a number of Premier League clubs, including Manchester City, have been put on red alert following news of Camara breaking up with Benfica and refusing to sign a new contract.

His deal was originally thought to be valid until the summer of 2022, but is now believed to expire in just six months. This means the Portuguese starlet could potentially go for nothing this summer, leaving Benfica with the chance to earn a simple training allowance for her years of progress in their academy.

But who is Camara and what is there to know about him?

Every footballer aspires to be successful, but it is essential to make a habit of winning and chasing that glory from an early age. Camara stood out as a level above his peers from the start, winning the Player of the Tournament award in a series of competitions with Benfica.

He tasted cup glory twice at the Under-15 level with the Eagles and also competed in the prestigious AL KASS tournament, despite being two years younger than other players in his division.

Some starlets burst onto the scene and promise to be the next big thing, but they often fade and vanish when their unpredictability wears off.

Fortunately, Camara shouldn’t have such problems adapting his game.

The youngster can play as an attacking midfielder or occupy either flank and he has featured in a variety of different formations before, playing behind the striker or as a more advanced central midfielder in the field. ‘a three… something a team like Liverpool could very well use.

So what’s his game? Well, Camara is a goalscorer and supplier for his teammates. His strengths lie in his vision, his technical talents and his tactical maturity. The midfielder’s finish is flawless as well, and his eight goals in 24 appearances in his first year at Benfica speak volumes about his confidence.

His awareness and reading of the game also makes him an extremely exciting prospect for spectators. He’s sane but adventurous in his passing and is fortunate enough to be able to slow down play or speed up attacks when his team need that injection of life.

He has everything he needs to be successful in the last third of the pitch – at every level.

To go along with his endless list of impressive traits and attributes, he’s also skillful and comfortable with the ball on both feet. As proven in the video above, he doesn’t lack technique with his weaker left ankle, making it even harder to predict his next shot.

He’s not a swinger, that’s for sure. This delicate chip with his left foot is even more extraordinary, given that he picks up the ball with his right foot, dribbles to his stronger side and then stuns everyone by selecting his left foot to stall a shot at a stranded goalkeeper. .

The helpless shooter had the best place in the house for that one.

You remember when your boyfriend first brought his little brother to come and have fun with you in the park, and you were nice to him until he started to completely humiliate you in front of you? your friends?

This is probably what Portugal’s Under-17s felt when Camara started training at the age of 14. His rise in age levels was a clear sign of the confidence placed in his talents from the start and the confidence he could mix with players much more physically developed than him.

The teenager also played in the UEFA Youth League when he was just 15.