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The recent Leeds crisis is proof that Karen Carney was right


Death, taxes, Marcelo Bielsa’s team explodes in the second part of the season.

Even the most ardent Manchester United fan would be hard pressed to say Leeds haven’t been fun to watch this season – in part because their expansive playstyle has helped United crush them 6-2 at Old Trafford, but mainly because, let’s be honest here, they’re just fun to watch.

Is Leeds Exploding Again? | PETER POWELL / Getty Images

With only one game to play before Bielsa’s side reach the halfway point of their first Premier League campaign since 2004, you’d like to think that any team that is 11 points above the relegation zone should look up rather than down – but Leeds should?

You probably don’t need to recall that on December 29, former England women’s international Karen Carney claimed Leeds were only promoted last season because they were entitled to a three-hour break. months after the coronavirus outbreak temporarily interrupted the season.

The comment fell as a United fan in the Don Revie Stand on match day (you know, when we were allowed to go to matches), with Leeds’ official Twitter account causing an uproar as it retweeted the clip and thousands of enraged white fans denigrated at their keyboards until the early hours of the morning.

It all seemed a little pointless, really. If they thought it was garbage, why didn’t they just laugh about it and keep scrolling? No, that’s not the way the internet works, you idiot. Either way, it seemed like it was touching a nerve, almost like they knew she was right? Surely not? No? It can not be?


Marcelo Bielsa
Bielsa’s team lost three on the rebound | Pool / Getty Images

Since Carney made the comment, Leeds have lost three on the rebound without scoring a single goal, and they are at serious risk of starting to come undone in the exact same time of the season in which they nearly lost promotion in 2019. / 20.

After the start of the year last season, Leeds have claimed victory in their first seven league outings, and their marked fall in the form of this campaign is proof that Bielsa’s sides simply cannot maintain the level of intensity it demands after the hectic Christmas schedule.

Leeds fans will argue that they regrouped after their poor run and won five on the rebound before the league postponed – which cannot be denied – but winning victories against truly despicable teams is not proof that they have found a second wind.

Of Leeds’ five wins in their mini-revival after the collapse, Bristol City were the only opponents in said round to have finished in the top half of the table – and they couldn’t have been lower in the top half after have finished 12th.

Leeds couldn’t find any other equipment to make it to the straight, they played against some trash teams and then were lucky enough to be given three months off – which won’t happen this season.

Over the next few weeks, Bielsa’s side will have a number of matches that you would certainly class as ‘winnable’, including clashes with Newcastle and Crystal Palace. That being said, you probably would have put Brighton home in this category before last weekend, and may be even Crawley in the FA Cup.

It would take something really ridiculous to see Leeds relegated this season given the gap they have left between them and the relegation zone, but they are a team that is no stranger to falling wheels. mid-season – hire their winning team on promotion. of 2019/20 whatever you love they should’ve been promoted way before but they kept blowing it up.

Next month will be huge for Leeds United. If they can get out of their crisis, they will undoubtedly be safe – if they don’t, they may well return to the Championship.