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The pirouette, the double nutmeg and the beauty of the back heel of Nadiem Amiri


Arsenal legend Dennis Bergkamp is widely credited with producing the silkiest touch that ever led to a goal against Newcastle United in 2002, while hipsters claim Stoke City’s Ricardo Fuller rivaled this beauty with his film and his strike against Aston Villa in 2008.

But both players should look nervously over their shoulders as they cling to their applause, as Bayer Leverkusen star Nadiem Amiri only left and only managed to reach one of the goals. the smoothest and most delicate you can see.

Nadiem Amiri
High five all around | Pool / Getty Images

The German giants faced Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday afternoon and, although they gave up the opportunity to jump Bayern Munich to the top of the Bundesliga by sliding to a 2-1 defeat, they offered viewers a goals of the season.

With the game at 0-0 after just 10 minutes, Amiri decided to turn the world upside down with a moment of next-level genius, brilliance, quick thinking and poise.

Young Florian Wirtz recovered the ball from the right side and stepped inside to hurt the Frankfurt defense. The teenager drifted into the field and, after spotting a piercing vertical run from Amiri, chose to gently cut the ball into the German’s path.

A good idea, but the execution was not enough The. The pass fell just a touch from the midfield, and his flashy run meant the ball fell behind its target.

Nadiem Amiri
Megs | Pool / Getty Images

But greatness laughs in the face of adversity. Amiri admitted that the ball’s trajectory was slightly off, and rather than stopping in his tracks or trying a first pass to a teammate, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Amiri half-spun, now with his back to goal, and pulled out a straight boot to bring back the ball that fell under his spell.

The majestic touch from the attacking midfielder sent the ball spinning through the legs of the hurried defender, killing all the rhythm on the pass and leaving the muddled marker to scramble desperately to try and regain possession.

But Amiri was too quick. He pirouetted and ran for the ball, but the goalie was just as alert, sprinting and deploying to cover the goal. Not the type to miss scoring his career goal however, Amiri simply took another throw to widen his angle and executed the most cheeky of the back heels, pressing his shot through the striker’s legs.

A Bergkamp spin, a double nutmeg and a back heel all in one goal. You couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off the Puskas Prize for 2021. We might have seen our winner before.