The Pak-Indo Celebs Get Together In London!


Pakistani vetern pop star Zoheb Hassan and Indian vetern actor Anil Kapoor recently posed on instagram for a picture get together in London. These vetern artists have known each other from Hassan and his sister, Nazia, made a tremendous success across the border in the 1980’s.


Zohaib’s Instagram Caption was:

“Meeting up with a good friend in London after a long time.”

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There have been times when Pakistani celebrities and Indian celebrities seem to be getting along with hate for each other and artists on both sides of the border are regularly engaging in name-calling, and now Zohaib Hassan and Anil Kapoor have set a brave example by posting a picture together on social media.

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Where this simple get together by sharing an image on instagram, catching two old friends spreading powerful messages together of friendship and respect to  South Asians.

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