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The Myth of the Collagen Diet


best collagen and retinol serumIn case you’re looking at this, you’re almost certainly looking for ways to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen. One strategy which is becoming popular is to eat certain “super” meals as part of an ultra clean diet regime aimed at boosting amounts of your body’s collagen protein. But is the collagen diet a myth?

Absolutely not! Increasing the intake of yours of specific foods are able to have a big influence on your body’s ability to ramp up its collagen production.

Veggies and fruits that are antioxidant-rich stimulate your body’s antioxidant activity so that skin cells are freed-up from regularly needing to defend against damaging free radicals. When the cells of yours aren’t in a protective mode, they could get back to work creating healthy portions of the collagen protein.

Aesthetic companies may wish you to think that the collagen diet is a myth simply so you will continue to buy the worthless collagen creams of theirs. Nevertheless, the real myth is always that you can rub collagen into your skin to improve the aging process. It merely does not work.

Synthetic, cosmetic best collagen powder (this post) doesn’t come close to possessing the necessary structural complexity that the body of yours requires to set it to use. It’s a clumsy version made up of molecules way too big to penetrate the skin. Natural collagen, produced within the cells of the body is the sole substance which can handle, heal and support the young health and beauty of the skin of yours.

Eating an ultra clean diet may help natural collagen production, but might be hard until you have a farm and can develop the meals yourself. Perhaps even in case you are in a position to consume a totally ultra pure diet, you still need to deal with environmental components and contaminants like UV rays from the sun, as well as, water and air contamination.

The good news is, however, that adding additional antioxidant rich foods to your diet, as well as, drinking an abundance of purified water, is the better method to reduce the chances of the skin damage as well as loss of collagen production, that these damaging elements cause.

If you want to learn how to spot foods which are packed with antioxidants, just look for colors which are vibrant. Additionally, dark green, leafy greens are excellent options for having your body’s antioxidant activity into high gear. And while you are feeding the body of yours with healthy vegetables and fruit, make sure to feed your skin cells with special preparations made from high concentrations of bio active, nature based ingredients.

“knowledge is power!”

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