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The Myth of the Collagen Diet


If you’re reading this, you’re in all probability looking for ways to promote your body’s natural creation of collagen. A particular method which is rising in popularity is to eat particular “super” foods as part of an ultra clean diet regime aimed at boosting quantities of your body’s collagen protein. But could be the collagen diet a myth?

Definitely not! Increasing the intake of yours of specific foods can have a big impact on your body’s potential to ramp up the collagen production of its.

Fruits and veggies that are antioxidant-rich stimulate your body’s antioxidant activity hence skin cells are freed up from regularly being forced to defend against damaging free radicals. When your cells are not in a defensive mode, they can go back to work producing good portions of the collagen protein.

Cosmetic companies might want you to think the collagen diet is a myth simply so you will continue to buy their useless collagen lotions. Nevertheless, the real myth is always that you are able to rub best collagen for hair growth (click here) into your skin to improve the aging signs. It merely doesn’t work.

Synthetic, decorative collagen does not come near to possessing the needed structural complexity that the body of yours needs to place it to make use of. It is a clumsy variation made up of molecules too large to penetrate the skin. Natural collagen, generated within the cells of the human body is the only substance which can handle, heal and support the youthful attractiveness and wellness of the skin of yours.

Consuming an ultra clean eating plan may help natural collagen production, but may be difficult until you own a farm and can grow the meals yourself. Even if you’re able to eat a completely ultra pure diet, you still have to contend with green factors and contaminants like UV rays from the sun, and even, air and water pollution.

The nice thing is, nonetheless, that adding more antioxidant rich foods to your diet, as well as, drinking plenty of purified water, is the greatest method to defend against skin damage and loss of collagen production, that these damaging elements cause.

If you need to know how to spot foods which are loaded with antioxidants, simply look for colors that are bright. Furthermore, dark blue, leafy vegetables are excellent options for having your body’s antioxidant activity into high gear. And while you’re feeding your body with healthy veggies and fruit, make sure to feed the skin cells of yours with special preparations made from high levels of bio-active, nature-based ingredients.

“knowledge is power!”

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