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The most successful goalkeepers of all time


Say what you love about stable goalies with sure hands, good communication skills and feline reflexes, there is no such thing as an eccentric shooting goalscorer.

Someone who keeps you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes, knowing full well that they could produce an absolutely amazing save at any minute, but could also drop a full clanger – maybe it isn’t. not be relaxing but it’s fun.

There are goalies, however, who take the term “eccentric” to a whole new level. Not content with standing between the sticks and being called into action every once in a while, they want to be in the thick of it as much as possible, so much so that they take as much satisfaction from scoring goals as they do. to stop them.

2021 has already seen two goaltenders on the scoresheet, Newport County’s Tom King and Eibar’s Marko Dmitrovic both opened their respective career accounts.

So with goalkeepers apparently Ordinary in 2021, let’s take a look at the best goalkeepers of all time.

Fernando Patterson has scored 26 goals in his career | AFP / Getty Images

Chances are you’ve never heard of Fernando Patterson.

The Costa Rican goalkeeper retired in 2013 after spending the majority of his days playing in Guatemala with Xelaju. Do not regard him as a faithful servant, he had five different spells with the club.

He scored 26 goals during his 24-year career, most of which came for
Xelaju between 1999-2001 where he scored an impressive 13 in just two seasons. Prolific.

Dragan Pantelic has also scored 26 goals in his career, including 15 for Serbian side Radnicki Nis, averaging more than one goal per season during his time with the club.

Perhaps even more impressive, Pantelic has represented Yugoslavia 19 times, scoring twice in the process!

He also hasn’t scored all of his goals from the penalty spot. He once pocketed the winning goal of in his own penalty area in a meeting between Radnicki Nis and Velez Mostar.

Misael Alfaro, portero of the seleccion of
Misael Alfaro has 31 goals to his name | TERESITA CHAVARRIA / Getty Images

Misael Alfaro is another who didn’t just rely on penalties to increase his goal tally.

The Salvadoran goalkeeper has found the back of the net 31 times and only 11 of those goals came via penalties.

Despite an impressive 22-year career, Alfaro would likely have added to his tally of 31 goals had he not been forced to retire due to neck and heart issues.

While many of the names on this list may fly right over your head, anyone with half an eye on European football will have heard the name Hans-Jorg Butt.

The former Germany international has spent much of his Bundesliga career with Hamburg, Bayer Leverkusen and most recently Bayern Munich.

He has accumulated 32 goals and even scored three times in the Champions League, all against Juventus in a weird way.

Despite his incredible scoring record in the first European competition, he never managed to get his hands on the trophy, finishing second on three occasions, with Leverkusen in 2002 and with Bayern in 2010 and 2012.

Brazilian Football League Serie B 2017
Márcio during his stay in Goias | MB Media / Getty Images

No self-respecting Brazilian footballer has a bit of flair in his game, and 34 goals from a goalkeeper are definitely part of the flair.

Marcio is the only player on this list to play yet, so his tally could increase further. The 39-year-old has spent his entire career in Brazil, including nine years with Atletico Goianiens where he averaged one goal every 13 games. Joga bonito indeed.

Of Johnny Vegas Fernandez’s 39 goals, 30 of them were from the penalty spot and nine from open play.

The majority of his goals came for Peruvian side Sport Boys after spending six years with the club, before deciding at random to tour Peru making 14 transfers in 13 years.

The legend that is René Higuita | Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Now it’s a name that you absolutely know.

It seems almost impossible that a goalkeeper can score 41 goals and yet it is do not the thing he’s best known for – of course we’re referring to his famous scorpion kick against England at Wembley.

But enough about it, let’s get back to his prolific series.

René Higuita even scored three for Colombia, the last of which was in 1989 against Venezuela in the Copa America.

Dimitar Ivankov
Dimitar Ivankov has represented Bulgaria 64 times | Valerio Pennicino / Getty Images

The best European on our list.

Dimitar Ivankov was a regular on the scoresheet during his nine years with Bulgarian club Levski Sofia, before moving to Turkey where he proved equally prolific. He retired in 2011 with 42 goals to his name.

Ivankov picked up his fair share of silverware during his time in Bulgaria and is now the goalkeeper coach for former club Levski.

Jose Luis Chilavert has clinched double digits two seasons in a row! Some strikers make their entire career without ever succeeding.

In 1996/97 and 1997/98, Chilly scored a combined total of 23 goals for Argentina team Vélez Sarsfield. The goalkeeper has scored for each of the eight teams he’s made an appearance for in his career, most notably winning eight pretty astonishing matches in 74 for Paraguay thanks to his free-kicks and penalties ability.

The iconic shooting goalscorer is also to this day the only goalkeeper to ever achieve a hat-trick.

Rogerio ceni
Rogerio Ceni is the best goalkeeper of all time | MARTIN BERNETTI / Getty Images

Almost DOUBLE the count for second place.

Rogerio Ceni might not be the most immediately recognizable name in the top ten, but he’s certainly the most prolific.

Besides a brief stint with Brazilian team Sinop as a teenager, Ceni has spent his entire career in Sao Paulo, retiring in 2015 with 131 goals.

He doubled the numbers three years in a row between 2005 and 2007 – scoring 47 goals in that span – and he is now a manager at Flamengo.