The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Are In Pakistan for 5 Day Visit!


Visits from our beloved royals are celebrated all around the world just because they bring with them a lot of positive publicity and cheerfulness. As this arrival brings with it the promise of showcasing the real spirit and hospitality of Pakistan it will also strengthen the bond between the British and Pakistan.

Tweets from the government has all the support to make this visit a memorable one for the royal Duke and Duchess.

More tweets were made by the people at the Kensington palace. We all just loved the updates and pleasure of their arrival.

They have just arrived in Islamabad and The royal couple was welcomed by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and his wife after their airplane landed at the Nur Khan Airbase near the capital. British High Commissioner in Pakistan Thomas Drew was also present on the occasion.

William and Kate disembarked from the Royal Air Force plane onto a red carpet that had been rolled out for them. More people like the royals should come to Pakistan and see for themselves our spirit and hospitality. We do hope as a nation that this opportunity will make the whole world look at us in a better more positive manner than before.

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