The biggest win for every Premier League club of all time

It’s not often that we see an absolute beating in the Premier League, but when we do, they’re usually quite memorable.

As Manchester United knocked NINE past Southampton at Old Trafford, they tied their own record for the biggest win in Premier League history. But as we all know, football didn’t start in 1992 when the Premier League started.

So what are the biggest league wins of all the top clubs? We’ll take a look …

Arsenal fans will be forgiven for not remembering this one as it was over 120 years ago. The Gunners defeated Loughborough 12-0 in March 1900, in what remains their biggest league victory.

Biggest win on this list belongs to Aston Villa
Biggest win on this list belongs to Aston Villa | Visionhaus / Getty Images

The biggest victory ever for Aston Villa came in the league against Accrington in 1892, when they beat their opponents 12.

In the 20th century, Brighton’s biggest victory was in the former Third Division in 1951 when they beat Newport County 9-1. They matched that result with a 9-1 victory over Southend in 1965 – a fine victory.

Turf Moor was where Burnley scored his greatest league victory in 1892 with a 9-0 victory over the late Darwen. It’s safe to say they won’t get past that anytime soon with their current style of football.

In the 21st century and Chelsea showed their dominance in the early 2010s with two record wins in the span of two and a half years.

First, they beat Wigan in an 8-0 victory to seal the league title on the final day, Didier Drogba scoring a hat trick to buckle his golden boot. They went on to equal him against Aston Villa under Rafa Benitez, with seven different scorers.

Crystal Palace v Sheffield United - Premier League
The Eagles dived and beat Barrow in 1959 | Clive Rose / Getty Images

It is not only Palace’s biggest victory ever in the league, but its biggest victory in an official competition ever. The Eagles destroyed Barrow in 1959 in the league at Selhurst Park, with Roy Summersby scoring four of his 60 goals for the club in that historic victory.

The blue half of Merseyside destroyed the blue half of Manchester for their biggest league win in 1906.

They tied the victory over Plymouth in 1930, with J Stein and W Dean scoring four apiece.

Fulham remain latest club to double English league football numbers
Fulham remain last club to reach double digits in England soccer league | Mike Hewitt / Getty Images

The last time an English football club hit double digits in a league game it was Fulham against Ipswich on Boxing Day in 1963, when they beat Ipswich 10-1. Graham Leggat scored the fastest hat-trick in Fulham history, scoring three goals in three minutes.

Elland Road - Leeds United FC
Leeds’ biggest league win dates back to 1934 | Visionhaus / Getty Images

Yorkshire clubs’ biggest league football victory ever came against compatriot Leicester, coming back 8-0 in 1934.

While everyone will remember the 9-0 victory over Southampton in 2019, Leicester actually dominated that win in 1928 with double-digit transport over Portsmouth.

The Reds recently recorded their biggest away league win against Crystal Palace, but their biggest league win dates back to 1896 when Rotherham came to town and was hit for ten.

A second appearance on this list for Darwen, who was beaten in the former Second Division by Manchester City in 1899. They have beaten Watford 8-0 more recently, although they have never eclipsed the ten-goal margin in championship.

United have won by a nine-goal margin five times in their history, scoring ten times, but three of them came when they called themselves Newton Heath.

As Manchester United they have done it twice – against Ipswich in 1995 when Andy Cole scored five, and most recently against Southampton this season with seven different scorers.

The biggest win in English football history belongs to Newcastle, who hit 13 after Newport County in 1946.

Bramall Lane - Sheffield United Football Club
Sheffield United have scored ten goals twice in their history | Visionhaus / Getty Images

The Blades matched their biggest win ever by beating Burnley 10-0 at Bramall Lane in 1929. They had already beaten Port Vale 10-0 in 1892 and haven’t come close to overtaking him recently.

Having been the target of two 9-0 water hammers in the past two seasons, Southampton fans will be happy to know that they have already thrown a hammer blow.

In 1901 and 1902 they won 11-0, beating Northampton and Watford for their biggest league wins. The closest to modern history was an 8-0 victory over Sunderland in 2014.

Spurs’ biggest league victory came against Bristol Rovers in 1977, Colin Lee winning four on his debut for the club. They nearly eclipsed him in 2009 with a 9-1 win over Wigan in the Premier League, but the record remains intact.

Darwen were clearly the whipping boys in the 1890s
Darwen were clearly the whipping boys in the 1890s | Pool / Getty Images

It’s no wonder Darwen has passed away at this point as they make a third appearance on this list, this time thanks to West Brom’s 12-0 victory over them in 1892. Big Sam may need it for them. maintain this season.

Geoff hurst
Geoff Hurst scored six points in West Ham’s biggest win | Central Press / Getty Images

The Hammers have already won by eight goals twice, but the most memorable was the second time.

After defeating Rotherham 8-0 in 1958, they faced off against Southampton ten years later thanks to a double hat-trick from Sir Geoff Hurst.

The wolves' greatest victory dates back to 1938
Wolves’ biggest victory dates back to 1938 | Visionhaus / Getty Images

The biggest league win in Wolves history dates back to 1938, when a young forward by the name of Richard Dorsett scored four times in a huge 10-1 beating against Leicester in the former Division 1.