‘The best forwards are tough on themselves’ – Lampard tries to lift Werner amid Chelsea goal drought

The Blues boss saw his striker miss another big chance at Fulham with the recently deceased German in a bench role

Chelsea head coach Frank Lampard has admitted Timo Werner is being tough on himself after a scoreless 10-game Premier League streak.

Mason Mount scored the winning goal at Fulham on Saturday night, but after coming off the bench Werner missed several opportunities to add an insurance goal as the Blues would retain a 1-0 victory.

Werner shattered a 13-game drought for club and country with an FA Cup goal against Morecambe last weekend, but his poor run in the league continues.

Lampard, along with Ben Chilwell and Billy Gilmour, were pictured trying to lift a disappointed Werner after the final whistle. The Blues boss has said he and his players need to support Werner on his bad run.

“He can be tough on himself because any striker at his level that is worth his salt… will be tough on himself,” Lampard told reporters after the game.

“That’s how you get to the top with the desire to score goals. I was happy when he went up and got in position to score goals, especially the one that went far because that’s where I’ve seen him score so many goals in his career so far. He will mark these in the future.

“Being hard on himself is not a problem, but I hope he feels my support. The only way out of a bad patch is to train and practice, keep a good attitude and stay positive. Sometimes you need help with this.

“It can come from me or from his teammates; we all want it to do well. We have a really competitive nature in the squad with options in the front zones so they’re all set to do well.

“Timo will do it without a problem, he can be tough on himself and he has my support.”

Mount hadn’t scored in the league since September before scoring twice in two games this week. Lampard, who was known to have scored midfield goals during his playing career, said he was working with the England international to add more goals to his game.

“I have a lot of conversations with Mason. I think he can get a lot more goals in midfield and in Derby he scored goals that year, ”Lampard said of the 2018-19 season when he was coaching Mount at Pride Park.

“I think there was even a feeling he could get more of it. I’m always on him on this and it was important in my game.

“I alluded to it that my goal came into my game when I was 25 or 26 at Chelsea. I don’t want to measure Mason against myself but I just understand that you are developing him. I understand that he offers so much and off the ball for us.

“My feeling is that he needs to get more into the penalty area. There are times when we have the ball wide and it can be higher up the pitch. These are things he can work on and develop on. he gets old, he will come to understand the moments when he can enter it.

“Look at it tonight; he’s been there several times. If you keep entering it through numbers and quality with intelligence in his game, then he will have chances and score more goals.

“That’s why I’m really happy for him today, because scoring that type of goal is a big deal for him, rather than the 25-yard one last week.

“These are goals in the box where Mason can add [his game]. I want to think Mason Mount will be a top player in every sense of the word and score 10-15 goals per season. “