Steven Gerrard reaffirms his ‘dream’ of managing Liverpool in the future

Steven Gerrard once again said it would be ‘a dream’ to manage his childhood club Liverpool one day, although he was quick to stress that he did not see Rangers as a stepping stone to bigger things .

The former Reds captain has been at the helm of the Scottish Premiership since June 2018, overseeing a dramatic transformation in the club’s fortunes.

Steven gerrard
Steven Gerrard transformed Rangers fortunes this season | Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

Rangers currently lead the Scottish elite, 16 points ahead of their closest opponents and Old Firm rivals Celtic, although Gerrard has admitted he would like to lead Liverpool at some point in the season. his career.

Asked about the prospect of managing the Anfield squad, Gerrard told The Athletic: “I get asked that question a lot and, for me, what will be. Would I like to be Liverpool’s coach one day? Is it a dream? Of course.

“It’s a club that means everything to me, but we are one of the best, if not the best, managers in the world who has been absolutely amazing since he came through the door and the success he has had. winning the last two years means Liverpool are in a fantastic location. May this continue for a long time.

“The club has been absolutely amazing with me throughout my playing career, I still watch all the games, my relationship is still very strong, I still have old teammates playing in the team and that is where it’s happening. There is nothing else to really discuss.

Steven gerrard
Gerrard was quick to point out that Rangers weren’t a stepping stone club | Paul Campbell / Getty Images

“People who say that… who knows? It is very difficult to predict the future. Just because I was a good player for Liverpool and had the career I had there doesn’t mean you’re the next coach. You know and I know that if that job ever becomes available, there will be a mile-and-a-half line-up full of top-notch managers. It doesn’t mean that you are the best person for the job. “

Although he admitted his desire to someday return to Anfield, Gerrard was quick to point out that he did not see his current job as a stepping stone to bigger things, and was unsure when he was asked how long he intended to be in management.

“Who knows. I have no goals, no plan as to how long I want to do it, “he added.” But it’s not a stepping stone for me. I have no plan beyond this contract. I don’t have my eyes on anywhere else. I will be judged on success and I will probably make decisions based on how it goes.

“At the moment, we are all lined up here. I am really settled and satisfied. I like this. The day I don’t, I’ll be honest and open and probably decide to do something else. ”

Steven gerrard
Rangers currently lead the Scottish Premiership | Mark Runnacles / Getty Images

Eyebrows were raised when Gerrard was appointed manager of the Rangers two and a half years ago, given the scale of the work and his lack of management experience.

Despite the enormous challenge of running a club like the Scottish Premiership outfit, the rookie boss has excelled this season and admitted that a number of senior executives have offered him advice.

“I’ve bounced a lot off Walter Smith since I’ve been here,” he says. “He often comes to see me. Former players come from time to time. I speak to the Jamie Carraghers of this world.

“And Jurgen Klopp is on the end of a phone. If I call him and say, “What do you think about this or that?” I know for a fact that I would have an honest opinion. Not because I’m Steven Gerrard, but because he really wants to be a support for me, which is a great place.

Steven gerrard
Gerrard could win his first league title | PressFocus / MB Media / Getty Images

Having never won the Premier League as a player, Gerrard is set to clinch his very first league title with the Rangers, and he has acknowledged that the pain he feels at being so close to the Reds is had definitely stimulated.

“Yes, that’s definitely a motivation,” he added. “It happened and how it went towards the end of my career at Liverpool was a real low for me. As a group, team and club, it was a big disappointment because we came so close.

“The fact that they’ve won the title since then and are current champions – which is fantastic for me to see – has certainly helped heal, but from a personal point of view, having a great top in as a coach and manager would certainly contribute to this healing as well.

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