Shaiza Khan- Biography, Early Life, Career, Achievements

Shaiza Khan- Biography, Early Life, Career, Achievements

The history of the women’s cricket team in Pakistan is quite rich and we must acknowledge the efforts of all those involved in the inception of the game amongst females in the country. After the independence of Pakistan, a lot of issues were needed to be addressed so the country’s main focus and targets were beyond just sports.

So the leaders of the country went on to put all their efforts in stabilizing the economy and giving all the basic needs of life to the people of the newly born country.

Shaiza Khan- Biography, Early Life, Career, Achievements
Shaiza Khan receiving an award from the MCC

The game of cricket was also pretty popular in the region and the male-dominant society of Pakistan started putting more focus on starting men’s cricket team rather than starting both the teams together.

The first official Test match of Pakistan’s men team was held in 1952 only a few years after the independence of the country. However, it took more than 4 decades for Pakistan’s women cricket team to finally begin their official journey.

Early Life:

Pakistan’s women cricket team was pioneered by none other than Shaiza Khan. She was born in 1969 on the 18th of March in Sindh, Karachi. Shaiza Khan and Sharmeen Khan, the two sisters are known to be the pioneers of women’s cricket in Pakistan.

Shaiza was born in Karachi in the house of a rich carpet merchant and in her early age, she was not quite into sports. She was more into her studies as she did her convent from Jesus and Mary in Karachi and later joined Concord College of Shorshire for her A and O levels. She also went on to study her higher education in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Shaiza Khan- Biography, Early Life, Career, Achievements
Shaiza Khan after her retirement

She studied Textile Engineering in the United Kingdom and developed a bond with cricket in England. She captained her University Cricket team as well becoming the first Non-British captain of the Leeds Women’s Cricket team.

Career and Achievements:

Shaiza Khan became the first captain of the national cricket team of Pakistan. Khan also holds the record for the highest number of wickets in a Test match when she took 13 wickets against the West Indies women in 2004.

Not only that, but the first captain of the Pakistan women cricket team also took a hat-trick in the same match which is only the 2nd instance of a hat-trick in women’s Tests besides Betty Wilson.

Shaiza Khan- Biography, Early Life, Career, Achievements
Shaiza Khan photographed during a county match. (Pic: The Nation)

Shaiza Khan captained Pakistan in three Test matches and 40 One-Day Internationals. She also holds the record for the most number of wickets on a particular ground. She had taken 23 wickets at the National Stadium of Karachi. She played her last one-day international match on the 2nd of April in 2004.

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